How To Prepare For Success

How To Prepare For Success

Have you ever had a health goal, like to run a 10K or participate in a triathlon? As you can logically deduce, this isn’t something that you sign up for and just show up and do! There is some training that is required in order to prepare to succeed in that event.

The same is true for a farmer who wants to plant a crop. I actually looked this up online and interestingly enough, preparing the soil to plant seeds is a critical part of the process, and farmers will agree that it requires the right timing and it is the one thing that they can control. They can’t control the weather or other elements, but they can control how well they prepare the soil for a successful crop.

In some cases, it can require several steps and even two seasons to properly prepare the soil for planting. It is considered foundational to the success of a crop and if steps are skipped or the timing of soil preparation is off, maintenance issues could arise.

Success is when opportunity meets preparation.

Zig Ziglar

I can attest to this in my business and that’s why I wanted to share some ways you can prepare yourself and your business to ensure you are ready for the opportunities that are on the horizon.

1. Establishing a routine

Motivation comes and goes. There are days when I’ll wake up and be excited and ready to take on the world and other days that I feel a little less enthusiastic. I need to have a routine that will keep me focused and moving forward whether I feel like it or not.

One routine I do is daily write out the three most important things I need to accomplish that day. Even if I only accomplish two of them, that is better than none! Writing these out keeps me grounded when unexpected situations arise so I can refocus my energy on what matters most. 💪

2. Integrity

I know this may sound a bit strange, but I believe that being a person of integrity will prepare you for anything in life. I have a few questions you can ask yourself to see if you need to up your game in this area:

  • Do I get to work on time?
  • Do I do what my boss tells me to do, and in the way that he/she asks?
  • Do I follow through on what I say I will do?
  • Am I diligent in my work?
  • How am I handling my responsibilities?
  • Am I honest in all situations?

Here’s the scoop, people want to do business with someone who they can count on, a trustworthy source who will follow through and operate their business with integrity. This gives your clients and potential clients peace of mind which leads to great reviews and referrals. 👍

3. Knowledge

One time one of my daughter’s came to me and said she wanted to be a professional singer. I asked her who she wanted to be like and who her role model was. She said it was Sara Bareilles, so I instructed her to do some digging to find out what Sara did to prepare for the success she is now achieving.

We all want the end result of something, but the truth is that we have to be willing to go through a season of preparation, a season where we aren’t really seeing any benefits yet and this is where many business owners lose their drive.

I believe that learning from others, getting advice from those who are where you want to be, and connecting with those who have accomplished what you want to accomplish is a key to preparing for success.

At the time of writing this blog post we are all experiencing the effects of something outside our control, the Coronavirus. I want to encourage you, that just like the farmer who can’t control weather or other unforeseen elements, they can control how well they prepare their soil for a crop, and so can you! 😊

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