The #1 Investment I Made In My Business

The #1 Investment I Made In My Business

When I was a single mom, I was in survival mode 24/7. Three little girls, a mortgage and only a part-time job at $12 per hour equated to sleepless nights and fighting to keep hope in my life.

It was during this season in my life that I recognized my strength to persevere and overcome, as well as get scrappy to accomplish my goals.

I remember one summer when I needed to earn money to pay for two of my daughters’ competitive gymnastics fees. I had an idea to earn some money, but it required an investment that was a pretty big deal for me. Deep down, I knew it would work, so I took the risk and it resulted in success! Would you like to know what I did?

I bought some glow sticks at wholesale and went to some local 4th of July events. There were several in the area taking place over different days of the weekend, so I mapped out a strategy to hit each one. I had three nights of walking around selling glow sticks and I made about a 10x return on my investment. I was excited! 😻

That fueled me to be creative in other ways to raise money for their gymnastics and they started getting involved helping me, and year after year, we made what was necessary to keep them in the program.

So, what does this story have to do with the number one investment I made in my work from home travel business?

Well, you may have heard my story about starting a travel business from scratch without any knowledge of the industry. How I ended up focusing on honeymoons but struggled to make enough money to feel like all my hard work was paying off.

And then I added destination weddings to my services (even though I was scared to do them) and how destination weddings became the path on which I built a profitable travel business!

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There is a correlation between the time that I took the risk on the glow sticks and the time that I took the risk to start a travel business when other agencies were closing their doors (2008), and the time I stepped into the unknown world of destination weddings even though I was intimidated by them.

What I invested in all of these times, was myself. You see, as an entrepreneur, mom, wife, ministry leader… Whatever you are called to do, you are the greatest asset. Technology isn’t, a team isn’t, investors aren’t… You are.

And while I had to invest financially, I was really investing in myself and my ability to bring the vision to pass. This doesn’t mean that I was 100% confident and everything just magically came together, but the more money I invested, the more I was invested; and the more invested I was, the more money I made.

Are you ready to make an investment in YOU?

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