How To Grow Your Destination Wedding Leads From The Ground Up

How To Grow Your Destination Wedding Leads From The Ground Up

I grew up in the country and was surrounded by different types of farmland – corn, grapes, strawberries, blueberries etc. In fact, starting at the age of 13 I worked at a blueberry farm every summer for six years! 👩‍🌾

As you know, after the farmer prepares the soil, he then has to plant the seeds. Does the harvest pop up right away? Nope! So, why do we expect automatic results when we likely haven’t prepared our soil? Possibly only planted a few seeds yet somehow expect an immediate return on our investment. And when we don’t see it, instead of continuing to water the seed and continue sowing more seed, we give up. Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

Before I can help you grow your destination wedding leads, I must first address what you are doing to prepare your soil. Here is a blog post I wrote about that a while back. 👇

Now that we have the groundwork covered, let’s talk about planting seeds. 🌱

There are multiple things you can do in your business that will produce a harvest of results, but let’s zero in on one strategy that you can implement now to build your destination wedding business.

Do you have a guess about what I’m going to say? If you’ve been following Lou and I for a while you know we are big on creating CONTENT! The question is, what content is going to move the needle forward in your business? What type of content should you be sharing or creating right now that will get you noticed and start bringing in leads?

May I suggest content about what is going on in the world of weddings and travel. People are curious and are looking for answers that YOU have. It is time to share what you know so that people will see you as an expert. 🙌

If you are plugged into the industry your inbox is likely flooded with webinar invites, updated protocols, entry requirements, and more. When I recently traveled to Mexico, my DMs skyrocketed. Everyone had tons of questions and needed to know the scoop from someone who was experiencing it firsthand.

You don’t have to travel to answer their questions, the answers are within reach… Just ask yourself, “What does my ideal client need to know right now?” Or “What are they doing a google search for right now?” And start creating! Videos, blog posts, and social media posts.

When was the last time you did a keyword search so that you can see what people are searching right now? (Side note: We use a Chrome Extension called Keywords Everywhere and When was the last time you spent 30 minutes doing hashtag research to see what people are using for hashtags pertaining to weddings/travel and COVID?

I do Facebook Live and blog post every week. This isn’t easy to do consistently! It takes a lot of time and behind-the-scenes delegating and coordinating. However, I do this to plant my seeds consistently, week after week, offering up content that is helpful to you, my fellow destination wedding planner. Giving you advice and tips so you can grow your business is my jam! ✨

This is the same concept you need to embrace for your ideal client. Consistently offer up helpful information that you know they need so that their problems can be solved and ultimately, they will realize you are the solution to get them from where they are to where they want to be. BAM! 💥

Of course, your first part of getting their attention requires a great image or video. We create ours using Canva Pro. There are a ton of great options and photos to attract your ideal client and now they have video clips so you can add a few words and then share the rest of the details in the post. It’s fantastic!

Let me know in the comments below what content you are going to create so I can cheer you on! 😉👍

If you are ready to grow your destination wedding business to consistently make 6 figures per year working with 5-10 brides, I invite you to join the waitlist for my 20K System & Toolkit! Enrollment will be opening soon! 👇

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