How Identifying Your Ideal Bride Affects Your Bottom Line and Your Peace of Mind

How Identifying Your Ideal Bride Affects Your Bottom Line and Your Peace of Mind

Are you the same person you were in January? I know I’m not. This year has tested my character, patience, and motivation in ways that I could have never prepared for.

Can you identify the ways in which you’ve changed as a result of COVID-19? I’m sure you can agree that while it has been trying, some positives have come out of this season.

Humans are resilient, and even if we don’t like it, we can handle change and can figure out a way to make things work. What we don’t like is uncertainty.

So, what is your ideal bride uncertain about and how has that shaped who she is and how she makes decisions?

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You’ve heard Lou and I teach about our ideal bride in the past, but if I’ve changed and you’ve changed, then we can make an educated guess to say that she has changed too.

Who our ideal brides are now are not who they were in January. Her expectations, worries, and problems are different now. Her income could be different or her job stability. The types of books she reads or what is important to her may have changed (a lot of people have invested more time and money into preventative health).

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So, how can we uncover a few new truths to help identify who she is and better serve her?

1. What is the outcome your ideal bride is looking for?

Before COVID-19, her outcome may have been having as many people as possible come celebrate with her in paradise and have the time of their lives where they talk about it for years to come. Now, her outcome desire may be more like celebrating a special intimate ceremony with those who she loves the most and creating a stronger bond with her closest friends and family.

2. What challenges or roadblocks is she facing?

The reality is that the challenges she faced before pale in comparison to now, so her concerns are greater and are likely causing more stress. Identify her concerns, challenges, and roadblocks, and bring them out into the open so that she knows she’s not alone. Address them with love and guidance and show her the way to overcome these worries.

For example, the following fears may be keeping her up at night:

  1. Her wedding may be canceled
  2. She doesn’t want to offend everyone by hosting a wedding; cause conflict within the family
  3. She may lose money if something happens
  4. It isn’t going to be the dream wedding she always envisioned
  5. Some family and friends she would want there may not feel comfortable attending
  6. What will the back-up plan be?

3. Where is she hanging out?

She may still be following the same fashion trends, makeup tutorials and lifestyle gurus, but now she is adding an emphasis on health and nutrition. So, she also has health coaches and/or athletic wear brands she is following.  It is important that you dive into new habits that are changing how your ideal client lives and where she is hanging out online.

4. What does your ideal bride need to believe in order to take the next step and plan her destination wedding?

In other words, what will make her comfortable enough to get past her fears and press on?

I could go on and on about this, but I wanted to give you a starting point to identify your ideal bride so that you can best help her and make sure you communicate that you understand what she is going through.

As you get clear on who your ideal client is, you will have peace because you are confident in what you need to do to be the solution. In putting yourself out there with the content that speaks to her fears and what matters most to her, you’ll get her attention so that she becomes your client! 😉

Want to uncover a way to kickstart your destination weddings leads and do it over and over again? 👇

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