How to Handle In-Travel Emergencies and Customer Complaints

in-travel emergencies and customer complaints

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of situations come up in my destination wedding travel business that required my sociology and psychology degree! (Hooray! It wasn’t a waste of time and money!) 😅

It’s hard to share all the stories and give you a good glimpse of handling emergencies and complaints in writing, so I think it is best that I share this video so that you can learn from my experience. Some of the stories will have you laughing out loud! 🤣

By the way, I love helping travel agents become destination wedding specialists, so I share training like this every week on my Facebook Live Show.

I’ll leave a link below the video to join my Facebook Group so that you have a community of fellow destination wedding pros, and you can continue to get destination wedding training as you build your business! 😉

How to Handle In-Travel Emergencies and Customer Complaints

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