Converting Leads to Sales

converting leads to sales

Getting destination wedding leads for your travel business is always exciting! After all the time and energy spent to set up and grow your travel business, you understand the value that a lead has to the future of your business.

The last thing any travel professional wants is to get a lead and not close the deal, especially for a prospect that is as lucrative as a destination wedding.

Converting Leads to Sales

Let’s talk about some strategies and processes you can put in your travel business to turn those leads into clients.

Get couples pre-sold to hire you – How?
  • Your marketing message, website copy, and branding all need to “speak” to your ideal client’s problem and point to you as the solution
  • Your lead magnet should solve a problem or help your ideal client get unstuck. This will showcase your expertise.
  • Your blog and your social media posts should provide value and solidify your authority so that you can be trusted.
  • Your reviews should be accessible to prove you are the best choice
Have a consultation process
  • Develop rapport
  • Ask the right questions
  • Explain the process of planning a destination wedding
  • Invest time into them
Reinforce your value with your list of services
  • List out all the things you do for a wedding couple
  • Re-write it into how it benefits the couple, and how it transforms their life or situation
  • Couples aren’t interested in the nuts and bolts of things as much as they are in how it will benefit them or help them

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