How To Get Back On Track And Multiply Your Motivation

How To Get Back On Track And Multiply Your Motivation

Have you ever gone to the grocery store without a list of things you needed? What happened? My guess is that you wasted time because as you shopped, you recalled what you needed but you already passed that aisle.

Additionally, you possibly wasted time because you forgot something important and had to make another run to the store. On top of that, you likely spent more money than intended because you bought some extra items that wouldn’t normally be on your list.

Let’s be real, we don’t jump in our car and start driving without having an end destination in mind. We have to have a plan and a vision for where we are heading, right? We don’t simply go on vacation and not have a destination and arrangements in place, we have to plan the vacation.

Most people spend more time planning a one-week vacation than they spend planning their life.

Michael Hyatt

In today’s climate, we need to be more aggressive in our planning. A run to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things isn’t a fallback we can count on. We have to take time to write out a list and think about our future needs in a more intentional way.

I suggest that this is how we are to live all the time. In doing so, we are clear on where we are heading, how we are getting there and what we need when we arrive.

I also believe that having a plan gives peace and all of us can agree we need that!

Okay, so how does this help you with motivation? Let’s start with looking at the beginning of this year and the goals you set.

I want you to revisit those goals and I want you to remind yourself that those goals haven’t changed and don’t need to change. Your timeline possibly needs to shift and your road to get there is maybe closed, but if you follow the detour signs you will still end up in the intended destination.

Let me say it another way, your destination hasn’t changed, just the road to get there!

This should be springing up a bubble of hope in you, and where there is hope, there is motivation!

I recommend you take a look at your goals and change the timeline a bit if needed but keep those goals in front of you. They are your vision.

Decide on a new deadline, if necessary, and work your way backward to determine what you need to do each month, each week and each day to achieve this goal. From there, create your road map and don’t forget to celebrate your successes along the way! 💪

Need a bit more strategy? Please take some time to watch this video as I know it will help you create a new plan, and this plan will give you peace and encourage you to keep pressing on toward your goals. 👇

You got this and I believe in you!

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