The #1 Thing Every Wedding & Travel Planner Needs To Do Right Now To Recession-Proof Their Business

The #1 Thing Every Wedding & Travel Planner Needs To Do Right Now To Recession-Proof Their Business

Let’s be real. We’re all concerned about the future of our businesses and are searching for strategies to not only get through this period of time but to prepare our business for the possible long game.

Back when Lou and I started our travel business other travel agencies were closing their doors. You see, the online travel world was taking over and rather than those businesses pivoting how they did business, they folded.

What can you do to pivot so that you remain relevant and get your business ready for what lies ahead?

#1 thing to do is create content

The question is what type of content?

You must first figure out what your ideal client’s #1 challenge or problem is right now. What is the number one conversation going on in their mind?

Your goal is to address that problem and show them how to get the results they want.

Create content that gives them the results they are looking for but not enough results to no longer need you. 😉

You want your content to answer a question, be a solution but lead them to the next step, which should be to opt in for your lead magnet or schedule a consultation with you.

Your content should be educational, inspirational and relevant to the challenge they are facing.

Again, focus on the #1 challenge and always ask the question “What does my ideal client want?” This is the result they are looking for and it is your job to create content that shares that desired result.

The purpose of your social media content right now is for visibility and engagement. Your main focus during this season is to increase your followers and grow your list.

How do you increase followers? By creating engaging content and remaining visible. The biggest challenge I think a lot of us face is creating a strategy and doing it consistently.

Here is what I do every week:

Essentially, I use my blog post content to create all the content for the rest of the week. It is like a theme for the week. This allows me to batch my content so I’m not trying to figure out what to post on a daily basis. I can create all the content in one sitting and disperse it throughout the week!

You may be thinking, this sounds great, but I don’t like to write, or I don’t have a blog that I do regularly. What will I even write? If you need some copy and paste help for your blog posts, emails, videos and social media posts, you will love our Wedding & Travel Planner Survival Kit!

And, since I just talked about how one of the things you should be focusing on right now is growing your list, I have to practice what I preach and offer you my awesome free training on five foundational hacks every wedding travel planner needs to know to keep bringing in destination wedding leads without over trying.

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