From Struggles to Suitcases: How Our Travel Business Brought Purpose and Prosperity

from struggles to suitcases

Over the years, many people have asked my advice about becoming a travel agent and how to start a travel business, but there was a time when people didn’t take me seriously.

“There’s Tami going off to start a travel business when all the travel agencies are closing their doors!”

From Struggles to Suitcases

The people closest to me doubted if I could be successful. They never really took what I did seriously.

But Lou and I were newly married with five kids, and I knew that Lou’s teacher salary wasn’t going to cut it for a family of seven!

Failure was not an option!  

Even my own family and friends thought it was a “hobby” at first. They didn’t realize that within 2 years, I’d built a 5-figure business. They didn’t realize that within 4 years, I’d have a six-figure business.

They didn’t realize I would eventually have a multi-six-figure business with an amazing client base.

Or I’d be on stage earning awards and $8,000 bonus checks!

After Fifteen Years into the Business

Now, over 15 years into this game, I was able to retire Lou from being a teacher when he was 50, purchase and remodel our first dream home, pay for our kids’ college in cash, and have some AMAZING bucket list vacations as a family, and just Lou and me.

My daughters now ask me for business advice as they have even started their businesses.

I feel so proud that I dared to build my dreams, follow God’s wisdom, and push forward even when people around me thought I was crazy to do it!

Now, I don’t know where you’re at in life.

But I’m here to say… even if other people don’t believe in you, even if things are difficult, even if things are frightening… even if you doubt yourself!

You got this. You can do this. I believe in you. (Because I was right where you are just a few short years ago!)

Wrap Up

Watch our story about how starting a travel business from scratch and specializing in honeymoons and destination weddings radically changed our lives!

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