4 Core Ingredients for Building a Six-Figure Travel Business

core ingredients for building a six-figure travel business

Ready to bring in six figures from your destination wedding travel business? There are four core ingredients to having a successful travel business. I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to do this through personal experience and am ready to spill the beans!

Core Ingredients for Building a Six-Figure Travel Business

Leverage your celebrity brand to automatically bring in right-fit clients
core ingredients for building a six-figure travel business

Whether you like it or not, social media is here to stay. If you want to be a destination wedding specialist, you’re going to have to play the game. Don’t worry, it isn’t as challenging as you may think.

The main thing is that you use social media to establish your authority and expertise on the subject. Not in a showy or egotistical way, but in a helpful way, where you are providing value.

Make sure your brand is consistent on all platforms and is a good representation of you and your company.

Pro Tip: Get professional photos while in destination! This portrays your expertise more than you would think.

Open a floodgate of leads while you sleep
core ingredients for building a six-figure travel business

Do this by putting a marketing “funnel” in place. You want your marketing to become your number one salesperson.

The first step is to decide who your ideal client is and then create a marketing message that speaks directly to them.

The second step is to design a kick-butt free resource that your ideal client won’t be able to refuse. This is called a lead magnet. The lead magnet serves to get destination wedding leads but also to show those leads that you are the expert and that you are the solution to their problem. Spend time making a good quality lead magnet that will wow them and gets those potential clients to get to know, like, and trust you.

Vanish sleazy high-pressure sales
core ingredients for building a six-figure travel business

You’ll need to put a consultation process in place. This will not only weed out tire-kickers but will get quality leads to be pre-sold to hire you. Then, once you conduct the consultation, you can effortlessly and naturally sell your services.

Most travel professionals act like order takers. This gets them worn out, frustrated, and ready to throw in the towel.

All you need to do is put in place a simple process to have potential clients consult with you. After the consultation, send your list of services with your professional planning fee to reinforce the value that you provide, and voila! You’ll get a new travel client!

First-hand knowledge
core ingredients for building a six-figure travel business

While you may not be able to see every resort or location before you sell it, it is advised to get out and experience what you are going to sell to ensure that the brand you are recommending will match the expectations you have for your clients.

Managing expectations is a key part of what we do as travel advisors and the best way to really give a clear description of a resort, for example, is to have personally stayed there.

If you’re just getting started, do some virtual events to learn what is available. Once you can, make the investment to travel. It is part of your job, and your clients will thank you for it!

Wrap Up

There you have it! The 4 core ingredients to have a six-figure travel business.

If you are struggling to get leads for your travel business, or you’re getting people who are wasting your time and ghosting you, grab my free checklist to multiply your destination wedding leads now. ⤵️

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