How to Use Barbie Movie Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Travel & Wedding Business

barbie movie marketing

A billion dollars in 3 weeks. As per CNN Business, the Barbie movie grossed a whopping $1 billion within three weeks of its release! Digital Marketer confirms it has earned $70.5 million, setting a new record for the highest-earning Friday opening for a movie this year.

The Barbie Movie Success Was No Accident

The success of the Barbie movie was not a coincidence. Mattel and Warner Bros. employed particular marketing strategies to ensure they reached their current level of success.

Use The Same Barbie Movie Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Business

The Barbie Movie Knew Its Ideal Audience

Many people believed that the Barbie movie was for children. However, it has a PG-13 rating due to suggestive content and brief language, as pointed out by Alex Cattoni, founder of the Copy Posse. This suggests that the film actually markets toward older Gen-Z and Millennial audiences who have grown up with Barbie. While anyone can enjoy the movie, it targets these two demographics. The movie’s success at the box office thus far seems to indicate that this strategy has been effective.

How does this apply to marketing your travel or wedding business?

You Have to Know Who Your Ideal Client Is

If you’ve been a part of our community for any length of time, you know that we constantly preach how important it is to laser-focus on who your ideal client is. Knowing your ideal client, what they want to achieve, the problems they need to be solved, their desires, where they hang out, the services they use, how they shop, etc. is crucial to helping you craft an effective marketing message and brand identity that will speak directly to them! This creates an instant bridge with your ideal client to get them to know, like, trust, and hire you! 

The Barbie’s Iconic Branding

The Barbie brand is known for its iconic pink and white branding. Whenever the Barbie movie was advertised, the majority of people immediately associated the classic pink color with the Barbie brand. This brand recognition proved to be invaluable in terms of other businesses and partners aiding in the promotion of the Barbie movie.

How does this apply to marketing your travel or wedding business?

Discover Your Unique Brand Identity

Before doing marketing, you need to discover your unique brand identity. Think of your unique brand as the personality you want your brand to exude. Choose colors, scripts, and fonts that exemplify the personality you want for your business. Don’t be afraid to be bold! You don’t always have to play it safe, but most importantly, be true to yourself. Let your personality show!

A great example of a brand identity is the cookie company Last Crumb. Last Crumb is a cookie company in LA with a sexy, edgy brand style. It works because their cookies are at $140 a dozen, and they consistently sell out! They aren’t trying to market these expensive cookies to everyone. They are going after a specific person, someone who likes the finer things in life, someone who is a little bit of a risk taker, as well as, someone who isn’t afraid to pay for what they want. 

Of course, with that said, whatever you choose should make sense to your ideal client as well. You want it to be recognizable and easy to remember for your ideal client. Choose colors, scripts, and fonts that exemplify the personality of your brand.

Keep Your Brand Identity Consistent 

barbie movie marketing

Just as Barbie’s iconic pink and white has been her brand for years, you have to be consistent in using your brand identity in everything you do; social posts, Pins, your website, emails, videos, etc. You get the picture. When you are consistent in your brand marketing & messaging, your ideal clients will quickly be able to recognize & trust you in a sea of competition. Your business will rise to the top, and consistently grab the attention of your ideal clients!

Wrap Up

To ensure this post remains efficient and user-friendly, I have opted to pause and allow you to reflect on these tactics. If you are presently utilizing any of these tactics, that is fantastic! However, if you are not, take the time this week to consider how you can introduce at least one of these tactics into your business. The payoff will be worth it!

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