3 Essential Questions Your Website Needs ToAnswer in 7 Seconds or Less

3 Essential Questions Your Website Needs ToAnswer in 7 Seconds or Less

You had your website all planned out.

You planned out your website to turn visitors into leads, consultations, and clients.  Then your happy clients & their guests would be raving fans of your business, and tell all of their friends, family, & colleagues about you! 

Your business would grow in success and generate a multi-six figure revenue year after year.

The only problem is it hasn’t happened yet.

Maybe your website has been live for a while, or is still “under construction” but the bottom line is it’s just NOT getting you the results you’d hoped for. 

The last conversion you got was from your best friend who checked out your website as a favor! Ugh! 😮‍💨

Your website needs to answer 3 essential questions, quickly, in order to convert your visitors into leads, consultations, & sales.

3 Essential Questions Your Website Has to Answer Fast

Let’s face it, people’s attention spans are getting shorter.

You only have 6-7 seconds to keep your ideal wedding couple on your site once they first land on one of your pages. 

Most couples will either land on your home page or they will land on a linked page, and then if you have these questions answered, they will stay on your website and learn more about how you can help them. 

Your website needs to clearly answer the following questions FAST!

"Am I in the right place?"

When prospective wedding couples visit your website, they immediately need to know that your business will help them get the answers they need with their destination wedding or honeymoon.

"What’s in it for me?"

Your website needs to clearly communicate the problem you solve for your couple. If they believe your business can solve their problem, now they are locked in!

Note: At this stage, wedding couples don’t care about your accolades or how many years you’ve been in business. They only care how your business will give them their dream wedding!

"What to do next?"

Now that your ideal wedding couple is locked into your website and scrolling, you need to make sure you clearly give them the next steps to take on your website. This will ensure that your couples will stay on your website longer and consume more of your articles and blog posts that will build their trust in you as an expert.   

Final Takeaways

Make sure your website has content on it that you can direct your couples to on every page of your website, especially your home page. For example, on our Paradise Getaways home page, we know not every wedding couple who visits our website is ready to book their wedding with us or even schedule a consultation, so we give them three options.

  1. Planning a destination wedding
  2. Planning a honeymoon
  3. Just getting started, which leads them to our blog

If your website is set up correctly, then you’ll have no problem keeping your ideal couples on your website longer, building their trust in you like a destination wedding & honeymoon expert, and converting them into leads, consultations, and clients!

Note: For more information on creating content for wedding couples at every phase of the planning process, click here to check out my post on that.

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