How to Build a Perfect Sales Funnel to Fill Your Travel & Wedding Business With Leads & Clients This Year

perfect sales funnel

If you’ve been in the travel & wedding space for any length of time, I’m sure you know you need a sales funnel – the process you use to bring in new leads and clients into your business!

The problem is, every couple who lands in your funnel isn’t going to be at the same place in the planning process!

Now, I’m going to assume that you already know your ideal wedding couple, and that is who you are bringing into your sales funnel. When I say “everyone”, I don’t mean every destination wedding couple, in fact, you should not work with every couple, because every couple isn’t the right fit for you!

I am talking about all of your “right fit” wedding couples who are in your funnel.

These couples are all in different phases of the wedding planning cycle. To have a truly effective sales funnel, you need to make sure you have content for every phase of a wedding couple’s destination wedding & honeymoon journey!

3 Types of Content for a Successful Funnel

There are 3 types of content you need to have to make your sales funnel continually bring you in leads & sales over and over again!

You will need to have:

  1. Top Funnel Content
  2. Middle Funnel Content
  3. Bottom Funnel Content
perfect sales funnel

Top of Funnel Content

Top of funnel content is for those couples who are just getting started or may still be in research mode in their planning process!

Typically, these types of couples are not ready to schedule a consultation with you or book with you, they just want info to help them get to the next step in their planning.  They may not even be sure about planning a destination wedding yet. 

These couples are eager to learn more about planning a destination wedding.

These types of couples will consume your social & blog posts, videos, and your lead magnet on topics such as:

Middle of Funnel Content

Other couples in your funnel have been doing a lot of research and are now set on doing a destination wedding, and are looking for content of how to make their destination wedding all come together.

Again, you will have a blog & social posts, videos, and you could even have a second lead magnet on topics such as:

These couples will definitely check out your website and will probably visit your About Page as well as your specific destination weddings & honeymoon pages as they inch closer to getting their destination wedding figured out. They may even be ready to schedule a consultation with you!

Bottom of Funnel Content

The third type of couple who visit your website has been struggling for a while! They are overwhelmed and usually on information overload. They think they have a resort venue picked out, and then they find 3 bad reviews on TripAdvisor and they feel as though they are starting at square one again.

The realization that they need some help is hitting them hard.

They’ve already stalked your social media accounts, visited your website a few times, and are now seriously considering working with you to plan their destination wedding!

All they are looking for now is content that will give them that final push to schedule a consultation with you! 

Content for this type of couple could be:

These types of content give a couple that final vote of confidence that scheduling a consultation with you will help them get unstuck and move forward in their wedding planning! And of course, as Lou and I teach in our 20K System, once a couple of schedules a consultation with you, they are 80% sure they want to work with you! All you have to do is seal the deal in the consultation and you will have a new destination wedding on the books! 

Wrap Up

This is what Lou & I did for years to multiply our travel business into a multiple six-figure business year after year! So, I encourage you to start working on building up different types of content that you can begin to use at every phase of your sales funnel and watch your business soar this year!  

If you’re looking for a checklist to make sure you have a lead generation system in place for wedding or travel business, check out this great resource! 👇

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