What Do Zika, Sharks, And Heartbreak Have In Common?

What Do Zika, Sharks, And Heartbreak Have In Common?

As a travel professional, I’ve been through some scares that resulted in clients making fear-based decisions concerning their vacations and weddings.

H1N1, tainted alcohol, Zika Virus, gang-related murders nearby the area (of locals, not tourists) to name a few, and now the Coronavirus.

Clients would call and ask me about the situation, of which I can’t give them advice about because I can’t be legally responsible for what they decide to do, and I would listen, share what I knew and point them to a resource that will best help them decide.

Have you ever allowed fear to rule your life? Can you remember a time where you made a decision based on fear and as a result you missed out on an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity?

When you stop to think about it, fear is the major driving force for a lot of our decisions. Fear of gaining weight, fear of missing out, fear of lack, fear of failure, fear of heartbreak, fear of embarrassment, fear of getting killed by sharks…

I was in Bora Bora with some other travel professionals and we were on an excursion. We were out in the wide-open ocean and we had the opportunity to swim with black tip sharks. Guys, it wasn’t like there were one or two sharks… There were at least a dozen of them!

We were all nervous. We didn’t know what to expect. We had all seen Shark Week at least once, so our minds were flashing warning signs! We were trying to be brave and encouraging to one another.

Long story short… I jumped in and I was the first one in and the last one out! Once everyone saw that I was still alive and had all my limbs, the other ladies soon followed suit and we had the experience of a lifetime…except one person.

There was that one person who stayed onboard. One person who couldn’t get past the fear. One person who missed an opportunity of a lifetime!

While we all came out of the water exhilarated, on a high of what we just experienced, giving each other high fives and celebrating God’s amazing creatures, she sat there trying to share in the moment, trying to be happy for us, but I know she had immediate regret.   

It’s always scary stepping out and doing something new. We’ve all experienced this in our lives.

I remember when I decided to step out and start specializing in destination weddings. I was comfortable with honeymoons and planning destination weddings sounded overwhelming to me because in my mind it was going to be hard and I didn’t believe I could do it.

But if I allowed those fears to keep me from investigating the niche, I would have stayed where I was at – surviving, not thriving.

Honestly, the fear of staying in that place of frustration and stress (working hard, not making enough money, wondering if it was worth it… You know what I mean) was greater than the fear of the unknown, and sometimes that’s what we need to fuel our fire and get us to go further than we thought, try new things and be receptive to new opportunities. ✨

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