Our Luxury Stay At The Peninsula In Chicago

tami santini standing beside the peninsula in chicago christmas tree

Do you delight like this? 💖

Lou and I recently stayed at The Peninsula in Chicago for the first time. It has been a hotel that I’ve wanted to stay at for a long time, so it was a surreal moment to walk through those doors and officially check in. 😍

Before we were inside, the bellman opened the door and gave us instructions on how to get to the lobby.

As we entered the hotel, a staff member greeted us and walked us to the correct area for check in.

The front desk person went above and asked us what newspaper we would like delivered during our stay.

the peninsula in chicago entry hallway
tami santini standing beside the peninsula in chicago christmas tree

Our first impression was a good one and it set the tone for our stay.

The room was amazing, and we had the basic room category at the hotel! What we noticed during our time there were all the little touches that made our experience go from great to greater. 😍

Like I said, these are little things, but they all added up to make our stay better. The same thing is true in your business and how you can do little things to help your clients have a positive experience with you every step of the way.

Some of the things I would do to create those moments with my destination wedding groups were videos and emails that I had auto-sent based on the timeline of the group. Tip – I made all the videos while at a resort in the Caribbean, to create the excitement of the trip.

Other than monthly payment reminders, here are some things I would send out to the wedding guests to keep them in the loop, prepare them for the trip and get them excited:


All of these little things served as communications that gave each guest what they needed but also reminded them of who I was and how to contact me if they had questions.

Tami's Tips 👇

Sending these little touches added up to a great experience for the guests because they knew what to do and what to expect. Not only did it help me avoid receiving 50 calls the day before the group departed, but it also helped them all get to know, like and trust me. This resulted in better relationships and tons of referrals! 👍

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  1. This so beautiful some of these things were never taught of, I do send a written thank you note but that’s it. Thank you for the inspiration I now know how much you want us to succeed I will forever grateful. Thank you so much
    Veronica G

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