One Of My Favorite Recipes

bonbons on a platter

I love the holidays; the decorations, movies, family time and food! 🎄

In my family, the treats are a sacred part of the tradition. It simply isn’t Christmas time without these tasty morsels. One of them is chocolate and peanut butter balls called bonbons.

Here’s the thing. Even though I’ve made bonbons every year for the entire family, I pull out the recipe each year to follow it. I have to remind myself of the exact amounts, the order in which to do things, and honestly, it makes it so much easier to have the recipe in front of me, so I don’t have to worry about making a mistake.

When the recipe is laid out in front of me, it is easy to follow and implement. It doesn’t take a lot of brain power, just some focus and my time.

Once the treats are made, we can enjoy the finished product and reap the benefits!

My favorite recipe in life is the recipe for success!

Building a business is a lot like following a recipe. I believe this is where a lot of us go wrong. We either forget the recipe or are trying to create our own recipe instead of just following one that is already proven and perfect.

Or, we possibly don’t know that there is a recipe we can follow and thus find ourselves frustrated and overwhelmed feeling like all we are accomplishing is busyness without results.

This is why I decided to be a coach and share what Lou and I did to build our business. I honestly felt that there wasn’t a recipe out there for anyone to follow so that they could actually get a finished product that they could enjoy.

Let’s face it, it is satisfying to experience the end result of something we’ve made, isn’t it?

I remember trying to make my own recipe of success in my travel business. I remember feeling like all I did was work to support my business, not my family. I remember looking for help, trying to figure out what others were doing and adding a dash of this and a pinch of that and then discovering that after all that work, I needed to start from scratch.

If you feel like I’m talking to you right now, I want to invite you to watch my replay of a masterclass I did called “How to Build a Thriving & Successful Destination Wedding Business” before it goes down.

This just may be your new favorite recipe! 👇👇👇

Do you want to know how to build your own successful and thriving destination wedding business?

I’d like to invite you to my presentation where you will learn:

and so much more!

Sharing my recipe to you! 👩‍🍳

Bonbon recipe
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