How Accountability Brings Breakthrough

How Accountability Brings Breakthrough

Have you ever been in a funk, lull or rut with your life or business, like for real? Where you simply didn’t see a way out, and then you start getting down on yourself and wondering “What’s wrong with me?”

For some reason, when we get in these places in life, we tend to isolate ourselves and that is the worst thing to do!

We were created for relationships and community, yet somehow in today’s culture of connection, we feel lost and alone, sailing our own ships when we need a crew to get to our destination.

So, how do we get out of this shipwrecked-on-a-desert-island-with-no-desire-to-even-create-an-S.O.S. season?

One of the ways, I believe is accountability. Why? Because it forces us to connect with others who are on similar paths, so we have a life preserver and a plan of escape. 

Accountability is something I’ve been intentionally incorporating for more than a year and let me tell you, without it, I wouldn’t have accomplished half the things I set out to do! The power of connecting with other like-minded people to cheer each other to the finish line is amazing!

It is funny how every time I’m feeling a bit down and unmotivated, Lou is on fire and ready to tackle things. When he is feeling overwhelmed and wanting to throw in the towel, I’m picking up my pom poms and cheering us through.

This is what accountability partners will do! We’re not always going to be motivated high performers crushing our goals day in and day out. It is important to have someone to connect with to stay on track and get refocused. 

Sometimes a little friendly competition is the nudge we need. No one wants to lose! Find someone who can push you to do things you didn’t think possible. Connect with another entrepreneur who you know will hold you accountable, someone who you can’t make excuses with.

Accountability doesn’t work when two excuse makers come together and try to support each other.

We were created to need each other. Why is it so difficult for us to ask for help from others? Why do we allow pride to keep us from getting help? We were designed to serve one another, yet we find ourselves in our own little bubbles, alienated from the outside world, trying to muddle through on our own.

Pride will position us to be isolated and unfruitful. Pride keeps us stuck because we aren’t vulnerable and truthful with ourselves or with others, so we are trapped in a vicious cycle of unfulfillment. It holds us back. It causes stress because we are bearing burdens and cares that we weren’t designed to carry.

This is not sustainable. It is imperative that we have a lifestyle of accountability and call out to people for help. If creating a successful and thriving destination wedding business is truly important to you, it is time to be bold and ask someone to come along side you and see you to the finish line.

A possible idea would be to find an accountability partner who needs your goal setting habits and you need their consistency habits. That way, you each have strengths to help one another.

If possible, I recommend getting a coach or mentor and actually paying for it. It will help keep you focused on your goal and keep it at the forefront of your mind. It will help you prioritize. It will keep you committed because you’re not about to waste your money! 😉

This past week I was in Atlanta for a mastermind meeting with my coach. Our community of business owners is awesome! We’re all part of this group because we have a vision and need each other to get there. We need our coach to help us avoid the obstacles on our journey, because she’s already been down the road we’re traveling on.

That’s one of the reasons why I created my program, 20K System & Toolkit. I wanted to design a community of destination wedding planners who could connect with each other as well as have the step by step blueprint my program provides. It protects the planners from spending time and money on the wrong thing and fast tracks them to the goal of making $20,000 or more from planning one destination wedding!

If this sounds like something you could use, I’d like to invite you to join my wait list here 👇

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