Travel Observations in a Coronavirus World

Travel Observations in a Coronavirus World

On March 10, 2020 I returned from a mastermind meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.


We traveled via plane from Grand Rapids, MI to Atlanta and here are some things that I observed…


  • Everything looked normal, with only a few people wearing a mask or mask and gloves.
  • The plane was full both on the way there and on the way home.
  • The airport had hand sanitizer stations for people to use.
  • Announcements of washing your hands were playing over the airport intercom.
  • People still sat on the chairs and at the tables in the eatery.
  • There were elderly people traveling.


I personally took more precautions; however, I generally am one to be careful when traveling as that tends to be the time that I “catch” something. I took supplements like Vitamin C, Olive Leaf and Elderberry prior to travel.


During travel, I had my travel-size Norwex Envirocloths to wipe down the seat and tray, handles and everything I would touch in my space on the plane. I also washed my hands more frequently.


What I found extremely odd and a little frustrating, especially with all the hype and all the media, I still saw and experienced the following…


  • As we were in line to board the plane, the man in front of me sneezed in his hand
  • People were carelessly touching the handrails on the trams and escalators with their bare hands, and then of course, touching their face.
  • At the gym in the hotel, they were out of anti-bacterial wipes and a guy working out in the gym didn’t even attempt to look for them after his workout. As he left, some other guy came in and started using the equipment the guy before him used. I called down to the front desk to get the wipes and wiped down everything I used before I left.


Interesting, right? You’d think that people would be oh so cautious and there would be much more common sense happening. Additionally, I was a bit perturbed that the gym didn’t have the wipes or even hand sanitizer available.


Moral of the story, not everyone absorbs fear and allows it to change their behaviors. Not everyone will hear about the coronavirus and cancel their travel. And, sadly, some people either don’t care or are genuinely clueless.


In this case, ignorance is not bliss!


So, what can you do?


Don’t spread panic. Get facts and be smart.




  • You can also access country specific information by doing a google search for the Ministry of Health for the country you need more details on.


  • Traveling from another country back to the U.S.? Check out details for any inbound flight restrictions on the Department of Homeland Security’s site: and look for up to date press releases.



Knowledge is power! Inform yourself, be smart and be prepared.


As a travel agency owner, I’ve had to answer questions about situations of this nature for over a decade. I always direct people to the appropriate source so they can make an informed decision. I advise you to do the same.

Blessings of Health,


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