How To Use Video To Attract Your Ideal Bride

If you’re in business for yourself, you’ve likely heard the saying, “Content is King”. Essentially, that means that the content you create and share, is what builds and grows your business. This past week I was in the Dominican Republic with a few of the wedding planners in our 20K community. We were able…

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Who Are You Attracting?

bride wearing wedding gown

Have you ever known anyone who built their own pond? My boss from my very first job created his own pond in his yard and filled it with the fish of his choice. Of course, he would bore me with the details of the fish he was purchasing, but it brought him a lot of…

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Our Luxury Stay At The Peninsula In Chicago

tami santini standing beside the peninsula in chicago christmas tree

Do you delight like this? 💖 Lou and I recently stayed at The Peninsula in Chicago for the first time. It has been a hotel that I’ve wanted to stay at for a long time, so it was a surreal moment to walk through those doors and officially check in. 😍 Before we were inside,…

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