How to Get Your Ideal Wedding Client Pre-Sold to Hire You

Have you ever had to hire a professional like an attorney or financial advisor? Maybe you saw an advertisement or an online review and you thought, “That person can help me.”

You precede by calling the office or filling out a form – whatever their process is, right? Let me ask you something, what are you expecting will happen next? You are likely expecting an assistant to connect with you and schedule an initial call.

What we don’t expect is for the professional to drop everything and call us or talk to us on the spot. Why not? Think about it for a minute. Why don’t you expect the financial advisor or attorney to be on the ready for your call? Heck, we don’t even expect them to answer the phone, right?

Is it because you have placed a value on their skills because of what you’ve heard or read? Maybe you feel like there is a chance that this person won’t accept you as a client and you’re hoping you have the opportunity to connect with them. Why do you feel that way?

Once their administrative assistant reaches out and schedules something, you write it down and make it a priority. Even if it is a few weeks away. That appointment is like gold to you, you won’t miss it because if you do, you’ll be waiting a long time for their next available appointment.

I had a process that my wedding clients followed and it set me apart and caused a shift in how my potential client viewed me as a professional, and ultimately placed a value on me as the expert before they even talked to me.

There is a formula for setting yourself apart as an expert and as a professional. I can’t go into all the tips on this blog post, but I wanted to share one tactic that worked really well for me so you can implement it in your business.

In the above scenario, what has the professional done that makes their potential client willing to wait to work with them? Does that professional feel nervous that you have to wait and could potentially lose you as a prospect? Nope. Why? Because they are confident in who they are and what they do.

I’m not telling you that I had my clients wait for months to talk with me. I know that is unrealistic in today’s market, but what I am saying is that I had a process that my wedding clients followed, and it set me apart and caused a shift in how my potential client viewed me as a professional and ultimately placed a value on me as the expert before they even talked to me.

In order to have wedding clients pre-sold to hire you, you must have the right message and the right method for them to connect with you.

If anyone would call me on the phone, I would give them a few minutes of my time and then let them know that I work by consultation and I would send them the link.

I would have requirements of who I work with listed on my website and only a few time slots available each week to consult with me. So, some brides and grooms would book a consult-with-me two weeks in advance, and yes, they would show up.

This is one of the easiest things you can do to start setting yourself up for quality wedding leads. Create a process and stick to it. You got this! 😉

If you are looking to attract your ideal wedding clients and set yourself apart as an expert, I invite you to check out my free training! 👇


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