How Discussing Micro Weddings, Elopements, and COVID-19 Wedding Policies Get Brides to Trust You and Contact You

How Discussing Micro Weddings, Elopements, and COVID-19 Wedding Policies Get Brides to Trust You and Contact You

First, can I ask you a question, and second, will you answer yourself honestly? 👇

Are you confident about selling destination weddings and honeymoons in today’s climate?

If there is anything I understand about confidence, it is that it doesn’t come once we know something, it comes once we are willing to ask the right questions and seek the answers.

We are coming out of a challenging time in our industry, and as we recover personally and professionally, we have to be willing to step outside our comfort zone and do whatever it takes to renew our confidence in ourselves and in what we offer.

Our job as wedding and travel professionals is to be journalists and get the scoop to share it with the bridal world. More than that, we can’t be afraid to get in the trenches to uncover our story.

There are some topics that I feel we should all be discussing on our blogs, podcasts, videos and social media. If we aren’t, we may fall behind as we approach the engagement season.

Micro Weddings

What is a micro wedding and how can it help our brides and grooms still have the wedding of their dreams in the midst of uncertainty? 


Is elopement still a thing? It sure is! A rising trend in our industry is couples jet setting to a place that will give them a legal wedding without a ton of restrictions followed by a future wedding reception. What are some great elopement islands you can talk about?

COVID-19 Wedding Policies

What are they and what do our clients need to know to protect their investment and successfully plan a wedding?

What I encourage you as professionals to do is to dig into finding information and answers on these topics and start sharing it. Not only will this give you confidence as you gain knowledge, but it will solidify that you are an expert. It will give your potential client confidence that you are someone who can help her.

We had a great discussion about this on our Facebook Live. You can catch the edited version of it here. 👇

If you are struggling with confidence and it is keeping you stuck, check out these strategies that you can implement to get things moving in your business! 👇

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