Where Do I Find My Wedding Clients?

Where Do I Find My Wedding Clients?

One of the biggest questions I get asked about having a destination wedding business is how do I get clients or where do I go to get destination wedding clients?

Before we get into some tips, I want to point out a change of perspective in this question to help you. The real question is how do my clients find me or what do I need to do to attract my ideal clients?

Rather than put your energy in finding clients, put your energy into what will help your clients find you.

The first step in doing this is deciding who you want your client to be. A few weeks ago, we talked about this from a perspective of your strengths, and using what your claim to fame is to fill in the gap for your ideal client’s areas of weakness. If you didn’t see that blog, go check it out. 👇

As we dig into who our ideal client is, let’s go beyond the demographics of age, education, and income level, and even beyond hobbies and brand loyalty and ask some deeper questions to get this process started:

After you get clear on who your ideal client is and what her biggest challenge is, answer a couple of more questions:

Once you answer this second set of questions, you’ll then want to work on your lead magnet, or I like to call it a Bride Bribe. This is a juicy piece of information that you know your ideal bride needs in order to give her a win and continue moving forward with her planning. I don’t have time to dive into this, but I have an entire training and template you can grab here. 👇

You will also use the second set of questions to start creating a marketing message that sets you apart from your competition, speaks directly to your ideal bride, and shows her that you are the solution to her problem.

From there, the best thing to do is start creating content that you know she needs and is searching for online.

This is where wedding and travel pros go wrong. They start putting social media posts out and don’t have a strategy for who they are even talking to or what their ideal bride needs.

Take time to determine who you are attracting so that you can attract them with what you know they are looking for.

Then create what they are looking for – blogs, videos, social posts, Pinterest pins, etc. Need to spruce up your images to attract your ideal bride? Check out these social media templates. 👇

If you’re looking for 5 easy tips to increase your destination wedding leads, check out my free training! 👇

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