The Nitty Gritty Details of Planning a Destination Wedding: Wedding Packages (Part 2)

wedding packages

In part 1 of this series for travel agents specializing in destination weddings, we discussed the different roles the wedding team plays and how to advise your wedding couples accordingly.

In this next part of the series, I want to talk about destination wedding packages and the details you need to know as an expert. Let’s jump in!

Wedding Packages in an All-Inclusive Resort

As you already know, every resort offers different packages as a baseline or foundation. Most all-inclusive resorts offering destination weddings allow customization, which many couples want.

As a destination wedding travel expert, I believe you should guide your clients in selecting the right package based on their needs and wants.

Let’s look at a few typical all-inclusive resort wedding packages and discuss what you need to know.

wedding packages

In this complimentary package, there will likely be requirements like a 3-night stay for a certain number of guests or rooms. For example, 5 rooms for 3 nights each.

Why is a complimentary destination wedding package a good way to go? Well, it allows couples to customize their wedding. Over the years, I’ve advised many of my destination wedding couples to get the complimentary package, especially in situations where other wedding package options included things they didn’t want.

It is never wise to pay for something you won’t utilize. 😉

If we look at a more moderate wedding package, this is also a good base package because it doesn’t include a lot of elements couples wouldn’t use and it is a good price.

Here is an example of a Destination Wedding Package for up to 24 people that is $10,000 and $199 per person for additional guests (staying onsite):

wedding packages sample

In this example, a couple can have a great event yet still add personal touches. What’s obviously missing from this 10K destination package that couples will need is the music and photography.

It’s our job to help couples realize the extras that are missing from a package so that they can be prepared budget-wise. I still like this package overall because it is an inclusive base package to build upon, but we all know that it will cost much more than 10K by the time they add the needed elements (DJ/band and photography) and a few touches like bistro lighting, all the table centerpieces, dance floor, music (or musicians) for the wine & cheese hour, etc.

Let’s look at one other package example of a more luxury destination wedding package.

Here is an example of a Deluxe Destination Wedding Package for up to 48 people that is $17,999 and $150 per person for additional guests (staying onsite):

deluxe destination wedding package

In looking at the inclusions for this package, you can see that it includes a lot more elements like a two-hour welcome cocktail party, hair and makeup, 4 hours of standard DJ, etc.

So, for the right couple, this is a great package. For example, I wouldn’t recommend this for someone with 40 guests or a couple who isn’t planning to have a welcome cocktail or maybe wants a live band instead of a DJ.

Destination Wedding FAQs

With the above destination wedding package, what are some questions couples planning a destination wedding would have?

🌟 “Can I substitute items?”

Most resorts do not allow this, so we must advise our clients accordingly.

🌟 “What if I want a band instead of a DJ, can I just pay the difference?”

Some resorts may allow this, but if not, select a package that doesn’t include the services of a DJ.

🌟 “Can I substitute the flowers?”

Generally, yes, but there will be a price difference that will be higher, not lower.

It is a great idea, if possible, to answer those questions when recommending the package to your client.

A Few More Tips

A few more tips regarding wedding packages:

🌟 Packages include complimentary venues

It is typical to see sky wedding terraces have a venue rental fee of $1,500. Buying out a restaurant at a resort may have a venue rental fee of $5,000. Beach wedding venues may have an extra set-up charge. Find out these details so you can advise your clients.

🌟 If a resort requires that your couple pick out a package, find out if they can make a change before they sign the contract

Generally, you can change it if it is an upgrade, not a downgrade. So, if there is a lower-cost wedding package, advise them to select that for their contract.

🌟 Guest inclusions generally refer to those who are booked with the wedding group

Guests staying at a different resort or who booked outside the group may have a separate per-person rate. Advise your clients of this to ensure guests book within the wedding group to avoid surprise fees.

The Bottom Line

Stay tuned for part 3 of our destination wedding travel agent training series on the nitty-gritty details of planning a destination wedding.

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