5 Ways To Get 5-Star Reviews: Tip #5

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Tip #5:
💰 Charge a Planning Fee 💰

Charging a professional planning fee (even when you are going to make thousands on the group travel/bookings) is a must!

Your time is valuable. Your services are valuable. You are a professional and anyone planning a wedding knows that there are going to be fees to secure professional services. It is not something that will hinder you from getting hired.

I have had clients ask me why I charge when others don’t and if they choose not to hire me, that’s okay. These are not my ideal clients. Actually, I often find that a couple of months later, they are back asking if I’m available to assist them. Usually this is because they started working with someone else, but they weren’t hearing back from them in a timely fashion. Gee, I wonder why?

Your time is valuable. Your services are valuable.

Honestly, a professional planning fee keeps me accountable to my clients. It reminds me that my clients deserve my best. It reminds me that they signed a contract, and in the contract, I promised them I would provide specific services.

The fee allows me to pay for my team to help me set up the wedding group via websites, email campaigns and our CRM.

The key to charging the fee is knowing your worth as well as having a list of services. It is good to list out everything you provide so you can see how much you do. I think you’ll understand that putting a dollar value to that is wise.

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Like I mentioned earlier, clients will start working with someone else who doesn’t charge and then come back to me. That other agent now is left with no income and time wasted.

If you currently aren’t providing stellar service, a professional planning fee won’t change your habits. I’m speaking to those of you with integrity and a good work ethic who care about their clients and about building a successful and thriving destination wedding business.

P.S. My professional planning fee for a destination wedding starts at $500 and goes to $2,500.00. As a beginner, I recommend you start at $350 and work your way up, but the truth is, until you value yourself and the services you offer, you’ll never be able to portray your value to your clients and charge higher fees. 👍

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