How to Stay Fueled in Your Wedding Business

How to Stay Fueled in Your Wedding Business

If you follow me on social media, you know that two of our daughter’s ran their first marathon and that puts them in the top 1% of the American population!

To say I am proud is an understatement. To say I am in awe, still doesn’t express how fulfilling it is to see someone cross a finish line for something they’ve trained so hard and long for.

Emily & Josie with me behind them! Proud momma here! 💖

Emily and Josie were actually scheduled to do their first marathon in Europe this October. They were so excited and had been planning for it for about a year and one half. The course took them through three countries and would have been an incredible way to experience their very first marathon.

That run was canceled due to COVID-19 but that didn’t stop them! They signed up for another run closer to home – that run was canceled.

Finally, they set up, organized and mapped out their own run in our area. They gave the map to their friends and family so we could set up and cheer them on with pom poms, funny signs and honking our horns. 🥳 🎉

Josie & Emily with their supporters - their family & friends!

They invited us to join them for portions of the run (which I did), to keep them encouraged and their minds occupied.

Let’s take a pit stop really quick and ponder what you’ve just read…

Do you think they would have persevered through all of these challenges if it was only one of them choosing to run?

I believe that their accountability to each other kept them persevering when obstacles came in their path.

Ask yourself if having an accountability buddy will help you stay committed when life can throw you challenges.

Their decision to have others join them for parts of the run gave them encouragement!

Surrounding ourselves with people who can cheer us on makes a difference.

That’s why our 20K exclusive Facebook Group is so important for our planners.

26.2 miles is both physically and mentally challenging.

Why would they continue to want to put themselves through grueling training to ultimately DIY a marathon? What was at the finish line in their minds and their underlying motivation to get them to persevere through all of the obstacles?

Essentially, WHY?  For those of you in our 20K program, you know that this is one of the first things I talk about. Our “Whys” can’t be superficial, we have to dig deep and discover the real root reason of why we want to accomplish something. Otherwise, when an obstacle comes, we think, “It wasn’t meant to be.”, “This is too hard.”, “I’ll try later.” or “It’s not worth it.”

Survived! 🙌

Take some time today to think about why you want to build a successful wedding business.

If the answer is money, or you want to quit your 9-5, or you need more flexibility, then ask yourself why you want those things. If you answer, “choices” then ask yourself why you want choices. If your answer is to give your family a better life, then ask why you want to give your family a better life.

For each answer, keep asking “why?” until you get to the root.

It should feel emotional when you get to the root and it may be difficult to say out loud without crying. Then, you know you have your real reason why.

Once you have that, use it! Use it to fuel you when you get tired, overwhelmed, or off track. Use it to keep yourself encouraged and persevering when obstacles present themselves. Use it to remind yourself that the challenges you’re facing will be worth it in the end.

Write out your “why” and post it in your office. Daily remind yourself so that you can stay fueled to cross your finish line! 💪

I have a great workshop coming up that is an awesome opportunity for you to hold yourself accountable to get some important things done in your business. Lou and I will be hosting a live Bride Attraction Workshop. You can check out the details here! 👇

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