Sandals Regency La Toc Resort: Beach, Pools, and Trip Tips

sandals regency la toc resort beach

If you haven’t read the first part of my review of this awesome all-inclusive resort in St. Lucia, you can check it out here.

To avoid confusion, allow me to clarify that I am a travel agency owner and I specialize in romance travel. I also coach others in the wedding & travel industry on how to have successful and thriving businesses.

tami santini in sandals regency la toc resort beach

So, this review is written to not only share my opinion on Sandals Regency in St. Lucia for a honeymoon, destination wedding, vow renewal, anniversary trip, etc. But also to show other travel planners how to write a blog and share their travel experiences. Hope that makes sense!

Now that we’ve covered the entry requirements, resort grounds, and the dining experience for St. Lucia and Sandals Regency, let’s talk about the beach and pools, plus a few tips.

A few pointers to enjoy the best travel experience possible at Sandals Regency La Toc

The drive is about 75 minutes and is a roller coaster ride! A helicopter transfer will be about 15 minutes to the Castries airport and then a 10-minute drive to the resort. Your luggage may arrive later than you if you do the helicopter, so pack accordingly.

We found dining to be a little sparse and not easily accessible depending on where you were hanging out for the day. Plus, they only have two options for breakfast, and neither are anything spectacular.

Your butler can also set aside the best chair and view for you at the pool and give you a cooler with some water, beer, etc. Finding a chair can be a pain, and people get up early and grab them. I’m not a fan of that, so get a butler to avoid it!

A beach cabana where you can be served by a butler all day is only $99. Do it! You can set it up at the concierge lounge.

If you are vaccinated and the shuttle is operating, you can enjoy exchange privileges at the two nearby Sandals resorts: Sandals Halcyon and Sandals Grande St. Lucian. Feel free to dine at these resorts or just hang out for the day.

The included snorkeling departs from the Grande St. Lucian. Water sports are limited at Sandals Regency and sometimes the waves are larger, so water sports won’t be operating. When they are operating, you can enjoy kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, Hobie Cats, and windsurfing. If you are a water sports lover, your better option is Sandals Grande St. Lucian.

The first day is completely lost with travel. We didn’t get to our room until about 5pm and our flight arrived shortly after 2pm.

Resort grounds and layout

As I mentioned above, my favorite pool was up on the bluff in the butler section. Even though we didn’t have butler service, we could enjoy that space and the pool water temp was refreshing, plus the views there are sheer perfection.

The pool bar drinks were just okay, nothing special and they didn’t always have the ingredients for a mojito, but when they did, I was a happy girl!

There is a small pool by the Pitons restaurant that is close to the beach and has a nice view, but the pool is shallow, doesn’t have a bar and was too warm. If you want something that isn’t crowded, you’ll have great luck.

Tami & Lou Santini with Mojito

The main pool area is large, busy, has a big pool bar plus a bar you can walk to, and is right by the beach. It was too crowded and loud for my liking. If you are social or you’re traveling with a group of friends, it’s likely where you’ll spend your time.

The beach at Sandals Regency La Toc is spacious and about ½ mile in length. The week we were there (September 27 – October 4, 2021), the waves were unusually big, so we only got into the water a couple of days. The sand is a darker brown and the color is a beautiful blue/green, but isn’t a bright crystal clear appeal.

Let me wrap this up and put a bow on top

I recommend Sandals Regency La Toc for couples looking to celebrate a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, vow renewal or vacation. I highly recommend getting a butler and this is one of the more affordable Sandals resorts, especially for butler rooms and suites.

Sandals Regency La Toc has a mix of social and lively with romantic and relaxed. If you are looking for a tropical getaway to an unique island with great activities and sites, it is ideal.

I don’t recommend it for people who have challenges with mobility as there are a lot of hills, stairs, and walking. I also don’t recommend it if you are expecting a high level of friendly service (unless you get a butler). I didn’t mention it before, but the service was hit or miss and some of the staff looked like they would rather be at a funeral than assist us! 😂

I’m sure you’re wondering which Sandals Resort in St. Lucia is the best… That is a fair question, but the truth is that they are all great, it is a matter of which one is the best for you! That’s why I suggest working with a Sandals Resort Specialist like myself so that your experience is catered to you!

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the first part of my review of Sandals Regency La Toc, you can do so here! 👇

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