Run, Run As Fast As You Can

Lou Santini with two kids from church with gingerbread houses

You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread man!”

This weekend Lou mentored a couple of the boys from church. We had them over to make gingerbread houses.

It was a kit that was basically pre-made and all they needed to do was decorate it. Of course, the pictures on the box look perfect and professional, so that was the finished product we envisioned.

Lou Santini with two kids from church with gingerbread houses

As we broke everything open, we soon discovered that we better read the instructions after all! Let’s be real, we all want to be able to just open something and dig in and make it happen.

Following the instructions still came with some challenges. The icing wasn’t consistent, the candies weren’t sticking, the lines were shaky…not nearly as nice as the pics on the box!

In the end, it didn’t matter. They had fun designing their own gingerbread houses and spending time with each other. They completed their houses and took them home with pride.

We can learn a lot from this as we step out and build our destination wedding businesses.

1. Instructions are good and are there to be followed

Once we read the instructions, things came together quickly. It is a temptation to skip over things, feel that it should be simple enough for you to figure out on your own and just dive in. The problem is that, undoing or redoing something is always more time consuming than just doing it the correct way the first time. So, follow the instructions of a mentor and be humble enough to learn. 👍

2. Don’t compare yourself with others

It is good to have a picture of what you’re striving for and have goals to reach a certain level of success, but this takes practice. Your first destination wedding may not be as perfect as you envision and that is okay. Give yourself permission to just get in there, do your best and have fun! 😊

3. Enjoy the process!

It is easy to get hung up on perfection and getting everything exactly right. It isn’t worth stressing over or worrying about messing up, trust in yourself and your abilities. In the end, you will have completed your project and you and your clients will be happy. You’ll walk away having learned some things and creating memories. 💖

I want to encourage you that you have what it takes to be successful! You can decorate and personalize your business to be a reflection of you and have fun even if things get messy! Your job is to follow the instructions and enjoy the process!

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