How to Monetize Your Destination Wedding Travel Facebook Group


In March of 2020, there were 400 million active group members on Facebook which don’t even include the non-active members and that number have only grown I’m sure by now.

Facebook’s goal is to grow Facebook Groups to over 1 billion “meaningful” members over the next couple of years!

“Meaningful” means members who are engaged and actively participating in your Facebook group which we talked a lot about last week on our FB LIVE.

If you missed it, we posted a video and short review of it on our website here. 👇

8 Ways to Create Engagement in Your Facebook Group or Business Page

So, we know that Facebook Groups are not going away, and Facebook wants you to create a place where people will hang out.

While it may not happen overnight, as long as you are consistent, you will reap results from putting time and energy into a Facebook Group for wedding couples who are planning a destination wedding.


Let’s talk about a few tips and strategies you can use to monetize your group.


Do your best to keep your group members as engaged as possible

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Inform, entertain, and educate are 3 engagement pillars that work consistently well because that builds community trust with you, which is the first step in anything where money may change hands.


Offer your free consultation

woman on laptop offering free consultation to monetize her facebook group

Obviously, the number one way to monetize your Facebook group as a wedding & travel planner is to offer your free consultation so that you get hired and get paid a service fee and commission on the wedding group.


You could sell a small lower dollar product

A well-done destination wedding or travel resource that is of higher quality than your freebie. They may not be be ready to hire you, but still trust you enough to purchase something from you.

For example, one of the planners in our community has a couple of Facebook groups for brides and former brides, and she has been working on some low dollar resources to sell to them that make their life easier.


Create a local or online wedding or travel event and sell tickets to it

guest speaker doing online mentorship to monetize facebook groups

Maybe bring in a guest speaker, do a Caribbean night, or some sort of exclusive experience. 


  • Bring in a chef, live or virtual, to do a menu tasting or cooking event together of some amazing foods couples can have at their destination wedding.
  • Have a mixologist show a demo of special cocktails brides can create for their signature cocktail at their destination wedding reception.


Use your Facebook Group to grow your email list of potential wedding couples and travelers

woman on laptop sending emails to monetize facebook groups

When you have their email, you can nurture your relationship with your members and lead them to contact & hire you.


Generate affiliate commissions and sales with partners


Generate affiliate commissions and sales with partners who make sense with your group and expertise. Wedding websites, invitations, wedding dresses, and if you qualify, even an amazon affiliate!

As you create a community for wedding couples via your private Facebook group, you will be making recommendations and talking about all things wedding, so you might as well have multiple ways to create wealth from the audience you built!

Speaking of Facebook Groups, I have a great community of like-minded wedding and travel pros who are trying to grow their destination wedding business. You’re invited to check it out! See you on the inside! 👇

If you would like to learn more about how to monetize your Facebook Group, check out the latest video Lou & I did on ways to monetize your Facebook group now! 👇

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