How to Make a Lot of Money as a Travel Agent

make a lot of money as a travel agent

If you’re new to the travel industry, are curious about how travel agents make money or are looking to become a travel agent working from home, you’ve landed in the right place!

Why? Because I’m about to dish out the deets that not everyone tells you.

Here’s the scoop, travel is an amazing business!

but you can’t go into it without a strategy. You can’t simply connect with a host agency (this is how you get travel credentials and can legally sell travel and make commission), you need to decide on a specialty.

When I opened my travel business in 2008, agencies were closing their doors and the need for a travel professional was becoming a “thing of the past” in the eyes of the consumer.

Without quickly deciding on a niche to hang my hat on, I would have drowned trying to “compete” with the big box stores and “” websites.

Not only that, but I also needed to become known as the expert in my field. I had to design a marketing message to my ideal client that would attract them to me amidst the other travel pros.

I decided to make my mark in romance travel and ultimately, I started a destination wedding business. Can I sell all types of travel? Yes. But to be found online, I needed to set myself apart and market myself to a specific client who was looking for help.

I discovered that my specialty in destination weddings was needed, valued, and couples would pay a high professional planning fee to work with me because they couldn’t do it by themselves.

If you want to know how to make money as a travel agent, one of the best ways in my opinion is destination weddings:

If you would like more information on starting a destination wedding business and how to become a destination wedding travel agent, catch my replay of a masterclass I recently hosted. I hope this helps! 👇

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