Get Ready for New Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Leads in June & July!

leads in june and july

Have you ever heard of the “wall” wedding couple?

These are couples who know they want to have a destination wedding, they’ve probably been engaged now for at least 2-6 months, and they are not any closer to figuring out their destination wedding than they were when they started!

And what’s worse, they are now feeling like they’ve hit a wall in their wedding planning, because their goal is to get married about this time next year, and now they are starting to feel as if time may be running out on them as well.

They have the wall both in their planning, and they feel like their backs are starting to get backed up to a wall against time. 

This is the “wall” couple. They’ve hit a wall in progress and time in their destination wedding planning. 

Prime Time for ‘Wall’ Couples Help

June and July are peak months for these “wall” couples to start searching and seeking help because they feel pressured to get their wedding or honeymoon in place before they run out of options or time.

I always got 2 or 3 “wall” couples every June or July, desperate for advice and help to plan their destination wedding or honeymoon. They were the ones who would quickly schedule a consultation, show up on the date and time they scheduled, and if you handled your business on the consultation the way we teach in 20K, they would hire me.

I just got hired by one of these wall brides last Thursday. After she hired me, she said, “I already feel relieved to have you onboard.”

And I haven’t done a thing for her yet!

How to Prepare for Leads in June and July

Many couples hit a roadblock while searching for the perfect place to say “I do” or escape to a bucket list honeymoon locale. With the right content on your blogs and social media, you can be the guiding light these couples looking for.

Here’s how to prepare for the opportunity to get these new destination wedding leads coming your way.

🌟 Answering Wedding & Honeymoon FAQs on Your Blogs and Social Media Pages

Picture this: a couple finds your blog post answering one of the questions they are searching for online.

Compile FAQs into a comprehensive blog post or social media series. Make sure your content is easy to navigate and digest. Include images when at all possible.  Couples want to envision themselves in these suites or getting married at these resorts. 

leads in june and july

💡 Implementation Tip: Create a downloadable PDF guide that couples can reference to showcase you as a go-to resource.

If you are a member of our Content Hero membership, you know that for our May Content Hero pack, we answered the Top 7 Destination Wedding & Honeymoon FAQs as put into Google by wedding couples.  

🌟 Showcasing Real Weddings and Testimonials

Real-life stories and testimonials can be incredibly persuasive. Showcase the experiences of couples you’ve helped to build trust and spark inspiration.

Imagine a couple scrolling through your site and finding a story that mirrors their hopes and dreams.

Share detailed accounts of past weddings, complete with photos and quotes from the happy couples. Highlight the challenges overcome and the unique touches that made each wedding special.

💡 Implementation Tip: Encourage past clients to leave reviews and share their stories.

🌟 Leveraging Social Media for Engagement

Social media is where many couples start their search. For others, it is where they check you out and ensure you are the expert you portray on your website and blog. Use it to your advantage by sharing engaging content that showcases your expertise.

Imagine your Instagram feed filled with stunning wedding venues, happy couples, and helpful tips, making you the go-to source for destination weddings.

Post regularly and use a mix of content – beautiful photos, behind-the-scenes videos, reels, and interactive Q&A sessions. Utilize Instagram Stories and Facebook Live to engage with your audience in real time.

🌟 Providing Personalized Planning Services

Every couple wants to feel special. Offering personalized planning services can make all the difference in winning their trust and business.

Story Time:

I recently went shopping and went to two different stores back-to-back. First, I went to Kohl’s where I felt a bit overwhelmed with crammed racks and too much to sift through. My arms were getting tired as I held the things I wanted to try on while continuing to look.

I went to the dingy and messy dressing room, tried it all on and thankfully a few winners.

I then went to Talbots where I was greeted upon arrival to a clean, well-organized store as well as a lovely sales associate who made me feel welcome.

As soon as I had one item in my hand the sales associate asked to start a dressing room for me. She continued to bring my items to a dressing room, so my hands were free to shop.

While in the dressing room, she asked how I was doing and if I needed different sizes.

I immediately recognized that I’d much rather shop at places like Talbots. I spent less time there, got better service, and spent more money.

Now, imagine a couple reading about your bespoke planning services and feeling like they’ve finally found someone who truly understands their vision. Someone who will come alongside them and be there for them as they make their decisions.

Highlight how you tailor your services to each couple’s unique needs and preferences. Offer one-on-one consultations and custom travel itineraries.

💡 Friendly Reminder: Offer a free initial consultation to discuss their dreams and how you can help make them a reality. I just had a new lead come in two weeks ago, I followed the 20K consultation blueprint we teach in the 20K System and was hired a week later with a $2,500 fee. 

🌟 Keeping Your Content Fresh and Updated

Outdated content can be a major turn-off. Keep your blog and social media channels up-to-date with the latest trends, destinations, and planning tips.

Imagine a couple returning to your blog time and again, knowing they’ll always find fresh, relevant information.

My advice is to regularly update your posts and social media with new insights, destination news, and seasonal tips. Stay ahead of trends and be the first to share new ideas.

💡 Remember: Google will show content that it deems useful and helpful to the couples asking the questions in the search bar. If your content either on your blog or social pages is helpful and is an answer that matches to their questions, Google will show it to them.

💡 Implementation Tip: Set a content calendar to ensure you’re consistently posting fresh content.

The Bottom Line

This is one reason we created Content Hero! To get professionally written, done-for-you (no AI) blogs, social posts, reels, emails, and video scripts that will answer the questions these “wall” brides are putting into Google and searching for on social media.

Right now, as a member of Content Hero, you will have access to May & June’s Content Packs! May is centered on answering the Top 7 Destination Wedding & Honeymoon FAQ’s while June is on 10 Ways to Discover the Perfect Resort For Your Wedding and Honeymoon!

These are hot topics, that the “WALL” couples are looking for right now to help you bring in some new destination wedding and honeymoon leads!

Consistent Engagement: Regularly post engaging content that will keep your audience hooked and coming back for more.

Imagine this:

  • Your social posts are getting more likes and shares
  • Your blogs are driving traffic to your website
  • New leads are filling your inbox with inquiries.

All without the stress and time commitment of creating content from scratch!

Join the ranks of successful destination wedding & honeymoon travel agents who have transformed their businesses with Content Hero. Don’t let another peak season pass you by without the right tools in your arsenal.

Get everything you need to stand out as the go-to expert for destination weddings and honeymoons.

Click here to learn more about the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Content Hero and start attracting your ideal clients today!

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