Know Your Worth

Know Your Worth

When I first started selling destination weddings, I was already an established business and had some experience with honeymoons. I understood the magnitude of professional services and the time involved in all the details and questions that arose with a honeymoon, so I could only logically conclude that the same would be true, but on a greater scale for planning a wedding away.

Sadly, much like a lot of planners out there, I was presenting myself the way I was being taught… “Services are free”, “You don’t pay more to work with me”“We make our money from the commission of the resort.” Blah, blah, blah.

Mistake #1:
Doing what “everyone else” is doing

If you really stop to look around at successful business owners, often times you’ll see that they went outside the norm and pushed the limits. They broke through boundaries and jumped outside of boxes to blaze their own trail.

It didn’t take me long to stop that madness and get on the “I need to charge something for the love of all humanity” train.

I hired a bridal marketing coach who helped me get a clear picture of all my services and the value I provided.

What I discovered was that I had the services and the value all along, I just didn’t know how to present it. What I offered and the services I provided didn’t need to change, but how I offered my services needed to change.

Mistake #2:
Not knowing how to sell yourself

I had these amazing services and was getting stellar reviews, so I didn’t have to change my offer, I just needed to change how I offered it… Essentially, I needed to learn how to sell the value of my services.

Selling yourself takes confidence, but more than that, I had to believe that what I offered was the solution to a real problem. I had to believe that without me, they’d be lost in a sea of choices and possibly make a poor decision that would result in a horrible wedding day. I had to believe that I had a moral obligation to extend my services to them.

I had to make a decision to be a destination wedding expert, not a destination wedding agent. I had to realize that I’m not offering a product, I’m offering a service. Those who don’t charge planning fees market themselves like they are promoting a product and remain a destination wedding agent. Basically, just picking up a phone and letting a bride tell them what they want, instead of showing the bride how they can design a once in a lifetime experience for them.

Mistake #3:
Positioning yourself as destination wedding agent instead of a destination wedding expert

The truth is, those who want to make it big in this business market themselves and position themselves as an expert who is offering information and a service. I market myself as an expert providing a solution and outcome of a dream wedding.

Sell the dream and worry about the details later!

How do I make $20,000 off planning one destination wedding? By protecting my time from the brides who want want want and demand demand demand, but they don’t value me or my time.

The moment a professional planning fee comes into play, there is a shift in the mindset of your client in how they treat you and how they view you. This shift changes the entire relationship from an “I need you to do this for me” to a “When you have a moment, I could use some advice and help with something.” Can I get an “AMEN!”

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