Interview with Travel Radio Podcast

interview with travel radio podcast

As a destination wedding planner, one of the perks of the business is being able to travel and see the wedding venue sites in person.

Traveling to Mexico to be wined and dined while meeting with the wedding team and seeing all the great wedding venues is a pretty cool gig if I do say so myself.

Upon my return from a luxury resort in the Riviera Maya, I had the opportunity to share my experience on Travel Radio Podcast

In the interview with Megan, I was able to talk about my likes and dislikes of traveling to Mexico during COVID-19, the protocols, the overall resort experience, and essentially point out things that I felt people should know.

interview travel radio podcast

You see, the reason why there are so many mixed reviews on TripAdvisor is because there are too many people basing their travel investment decisions on what they see online…

Rather than working with a travel professional who has been there and can give you firsthand knowledge of what you’ll really experience. This is the key to a glowing review.

Not every resort is for everyone.

Right now, we must weigh things outs from a different perspective and factor in the changes and possible frustrations our guests can have due to COVID-19 restrictions.

For example, while I was in Mexico, not all the restaurants of the resort were open, and the spa wasn’t open.

Had I known that in advance, I possibly wouldn’t have selected this property. However, my decision to go to the resort was simply because I had never been, and I knew I needed to invest my time and money to go there so I could potentially recommend it to my clients.

With all that said, I love what Megan is doing with Travel Radio Podcast because she is interviewing agents who have recently returned from a resort so that we can share our knowledge and experience with one another.

It is a great way to get real-time feedback so that you have an arsenal of options ready to recommend when your client calls you for their next vacation getaway.

If you are a travel professional or someone interested in creating a legit work from home business, I invite you to get on the waitlist for my upcoming masterclass, How to Build a Successful & Thriving Destination Wedding Business! 👇

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