Intentional Goal-Setting: the Secret to a Kick-Butt 2021

Intentional Goal-Setting: the Secret to a Kick-Butt 2021

Let’s talk about tips for setting goals for yourself. 😊

As we begin a New Year, it is common for us to set out on a new journey to get us to a destination we’ve never been.

In order to get to where we’ve never gone, we need to do things we’ve never done.

Something that I try to do regularly is to intentionally plan for where I want to go personally, spiritually, in my family life, in my health, and in my business.

I don’t just make a list at the beginning of the New Year and never refer back to it. I write down my goals in each of these areas in my life, how achieving those goals will benefit me, my family, or my business, and then I make a plan.

I make a plan for what I need to do each quarter, month, week, and day to reach the goals I’ve set. These tasks or habits become part of my daily or weekly routine.

For example, one of my goals this year is to plan out our meals each week.

Before I do anything else, I need to write out how achieving this goal benefits me:

Why is this step so important? Without getting clear on the benefits of achieving the goal, I may not stick with it and do what it takes to accomplish it.

What sounds more compelling to you:

Clearly, the more compelling goal is the one that reminds me of how this goal will benefit and change my life. So, take a moment and write out the benefits and then re-write your goal sharing how it benefits you.

The next thing I need to do is to schedule when this meal planning will take place and make it part of my routine otherwise it won’t happen.

My plan is to do this every Sunday so that we can look at our week ahead and our commitments to determine how much time we have each night to prepare, eat, and clean up. This way, we know which days need a quicker meal.

Knowing in advance will save me time and help me be more prepared if something has to be taken out of the freezer that day.

This will also prevent us from a last-minute pizza run because we worked late and we’re both tired and hangry.

So, our meal planning will also help us with a health goal we have of eating healthier meals. In order to eat healthier meals, I need to be more intentional with my shopping and take the time to prepare a list before going shopping.

Flat-lay Photography of Vegetable Salad on Plate

All of these things take time and I think this is where people miss it with their goal-setting. They don’t take the time to plan and intentionally add the planning process to their routine.

Preparation and planning go hand in hand to bring about success. Success doesn’t come because you wrote it down. Success comes when you intentionally implement action.

So, what’s the secret to a kick-butt 2021? Don’t just write down your goals, write down the benefits of those goals. Really think it through and then map out a strategy for how that goal will be achieved and what you need to accomplish each quarter, month, week, and even day to make it happen.

Once you do that, you’ll have a better understanding of what you can actually bring to pass, and this may result in finding one main thing you want to accomplish in each area of your life (health, personal, spiritual, family, and business) for 2021.

You got this! 💪

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