How to Increase Your Destination Wedding Bookings & Have a Stronger Closing Rate

How to Increase Your Destination Wedding Bookings & Have a Stronger Closing Rate

Do you like to sell? 🤑

I’m sure you’ve heard people reference “used car salesman” as a way to teach you what not to do when it comes to creating your offers or talking to your potential clients.

We’ve all been sold to through the years, but the times where we know we are being sold to gives us the willies. Am I right?

For those of us who aren’t keen on selling, I think that this picture of a used car salesman can creep into our mindset and get us to essentially avoid selling and then we wonder why we aren’t getting any bookings.

So, how can we sell without selling and how can we increase our bookings and close the deal?

There are several ways actually, and in my destination wedding business-building course, I show how to have a process and convey your value as well as how to close the sale on a consultation, but I wanted to share another idea with you today. Are you ready?

It is explaining to your audience that they can “preview” their wedding day.

Those of us who are destination wedding specialists know that several resort brands offer couples the opportunity to try before they buy and visit the resort properties to see if it is a good fit for them.

So, how do you offer this? By making your audience aware that it exists and explain how the program works.

First, share the pluses and minuses of doing a pre-wedding visit. Let them know how it will benefit them and how it will make their life easier. Share with them the value in going to meet with the wedding planners and see the ceremony and reception locations in person.

Second, encourage them to experience firsthand what it is like to travel right now so they can feel confident in inviting their guests to celebrate with them.

Third, let them know that it is advised that they consult with a specialist first so that they are recommended a venue that will be a good fit for their vision and budget, so that they don’t waste their time or money looking into an option that isn’t going to match their needs.

When sharing this information on social media or your blog, I encourage you to be generic. You can focus on one specific brand’s program and share photos (just don’t tell them what resort) or you can focus on explaining how a preview works, answer the most frequently asked questions and close your story, feed post, blog or video with a call to action to schedule a complimentary consultation.

On the consultation, you can ask the questions that will give you the vision and experience your wedding client wants so that you understand their needs.

If you want to use the preview idea to close the sale, do it. If you want to use the preview as part of the inclusions in your list of services, do it. Do what is best for you.

Explaining how something works and sharing benefits and ideas to help someone is really all that selling is. Don’t overthink it. If you simply aren’t good at asking for the sale, then a wedding day preview may be just the ticket because the resort wedding team will close the deal for you!

Always remember that you want to give them just a little bit of a doubt that if they DIY their destination wedding, they could miss the mark, lose out on perks, spend more money, waste time, get stuck, or have a negative experience.

You are needed and your services are valuable. Just because other wedding and travel pros can do what you do doesn’t mean that they are more capable than you. People will choose to work with you because of you, not your resume. 😉

We had a great discussion about this on our Facebook Live. You can catch the edited version of it here. 👇

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