Destination Wedding Training for Travel Agents: How to Plan a Destination Wedding?

how to plan a destination wedding

If you are a travel professional who specializes in destination weddings or you are looking to start your own destination wedding business, allow me to share with you the process to help your clients plan a destination wedding.

How to Plan a Destination Wedding

STEP 1: Schedule the Consultation

Schedule the consultation to get to know the vision, needs, and budget of your destination wedding couple.

STEP 2: Provide Your Services & Planning Fees

Do the consultation and at the end of the consultation send your list of services and professional planning fees.

STEP 3: Send the Contract & Invoice

Once they hire you, send them a contract and an invoice for your professional services.

STEP 4: Begin the Research

Once they sign the contract and pay your professional service fee, begin researching ideas that are a good match for their vision.

STEP 5: Fine-Tune Your Research

Start with 3 initial recommendations to send them and then fine-tune your search based on their feedback.

STEP 6: Set Up the Wedding Date & Time

Once they decide where to go, set up the wedding date and time with the resort.

STEP 7: Contact Travel Supplier

Contact your travel supplier to request a group quote (or get several quotes from a few suppliers).

STEP 8: Request a Contract From the Travel Supplier

Once you get a group rate your clients agree on, request a contract from the travel supplier and hold the appropriate number of rooms.

Wrap Up

Stay tuned for part 2 next week where we’ll dive into the destination wedding timeline and the next steps in planning a destination wedding!

Travel agents! Are you ready to learn from the best, invest in yourself, break through barriers, and unleash your true potential as a destination wedding and honeymoon travel specialist?

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