How to Craft the Perfect Inquiry Response to Get Couples to Schedule a Honeymoon or Destination Wedding Consultation With You

how to craft the perfect inquiry response

You did it! You got an inquiry for your honeymoon or destination wedding planning services!

Whether the lead came in from Wedding Pro, a referral, or social media, you need to have a response on the ready so that you can “strike while the iron is hot!”

Often, the first person to respond is the one who gets hired, so without having a standard operating process for when inquiries come in, you may miss out on getting couples to take the next step with you.

How to Craft the Perfect Inquiry Response

how to craft the perfect inquiry response

Let’s craft one together today! 

Whether you have couples contact you via email, phone, or DM, you’ll want to have a template made to quickly respond to the inquiry.

Having a templated response in place also helps other team members step in and know how to respond to wedding and travel inquiries that come into your business.

6 Elements of a Perfect Inquiry Response

how to craft the perfect inquiry response
  1. A thank you
    We must remember that even the opportunity to assist couples with such a special occasion is a privilege and we want to thank them for the opportunity.
  2. Genuine excitement for them!
    Always congratulate the couple on their engagement or milestone celebration and let them know how excited you are for them.
  3. Your personal specialties
    It is okay to share who you help, how you help them, and your personal specialties.
  4. An invitation to schedule a consultation.
    If what you specialize in is a good match for the professional services they are looking for, invite them to schedule a complimentary consultation and share the link for them to do so.
  5. A closing statement that shows how consulting with you will benefit them.
    You’ll want to close the response by letting them know that you look forward to connecting with them to help them _______ [now share the benefits of consulting with you].
  6. A Postscript (P.S.) after your valediction
    In the P.S., invite them to respond if they have any questions or can’t find a time on your calendar that works well for them.

Wrap Up

Now that you have your inquiry response crafted, you’ll be ready when the leads start pouring in!

If you’re struggling to get leads for your honeymoon or destination wedding business, here is a checklist I created to put a lead generation system in place! Once you implement the process in the checklist, the leads will be coming in on autopilot!

The Ultimate Checklist to Multiply Your Destination Wedding Leads
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