How to Find High-Dollar Wedding Clients

high-dollar wedding clients

Have you ever been to a country where they didn’t speak your language? Or maybe you’ve gone to a work party as a plus one, and you were part of a “shop talk” conversation that made zero sense to you?

Participating in a conversation with someone who doesn’t speak your language is hard to do. It requires more energy, more body language, and killer charades skills! 😥

The key to attracting high-dollar clients to your wedding business is entering the conversation going on in their heads, but that is hard to do if you don’t know what language they are speaking. ✨

Imagine that you are at a cocktail party as a plus one for your spouse who is a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. You waltz up to a circle of his or her colleagues chatting about challenges they faced in recent open-heart surgeries. Can you, as a wedding professional, confidently jump into this conversation? 🙃

The only way we can enter that conversation is to know the language they are speaking, right?

The same is true for those high-end wedding clients you want to work with, until you know the language they are talking about (the frustrations and struggles), we won’t be able to enter that conversation and provide the solution they are looking for.

4 steps to enter into your ideal wedding client’s conversation


Identify the external motivations

This is the obvious circumstance or roadblock they are facing. For my destination wedding clients, the external motivation was not knowing where to go to celebrate their wedding in paradise.


Identify the internal  motivations

This is the feeling or emotional driving force, in essence, it is the real reason. For my destination wedding clients who are stuck because they don’t know what location they should choose, their internal motivation is really that they don’t want to make the wrong choice and have a bad experience.


Identify the culprit

You need to identify the culprit, or point the finger away from them and onto the circumstances they are under. In my situation, the culprit is all the thousands of choices, the inconsistent online reviews and the fact that choosing a location for a destination wedding sight unseen is a legit challenge.


Discuss logically

You want to discuss the consequences of not taking action, but you will do so with logic. Again, in my case, based on what I’ve been sharing, I would put emphasis on getting it right so that their wedding celebration is something that their guests talk about for years, but obviously they first need to discover the location that is the best match for them and that is challenging with the mixed reviews and endless choices. And that is where I come in because I specialize in helping overwhelmed couples match their unique personality, interest and vision to the perfect luxury location for their destination wedding. BAM!

woman on video meeting talking with her high-dollar wedding clients

Make sense?

To wrap this all up, in order to attract high-dollar wedding clients, you need to spend time understanding their motivations and then you will be able to speak their language as you create content. This will get them to nod their head, feel understood, and seek your services as the solution to their problem.

If you’ve been working your wedding business diligently but are frustrated with the quality of leads or lack of leads due to the pandemic, I understand your pain.

I remember a time in my wedding business when I was getting ready to throw in the towel, because the hours I was working didn’t line up with the amount of money I was making. You know what I’m talking about?

Once I figured out a strategy to stop the madness and attract my ideal wedding client, quality leads were coming my way and I was making the money I knew I was worth. Obviously, you’re reading this article because you want the same for your life.

Thankfully, I have a complimentary video you can grab to get you on your way to attracting quality wedding clients who value you! Check it out! 👇

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