Hack To Rapidly Increase Your Destination Wedding Leads: Creating Your Bride Bribe

Hack To Rapidly Increase Your Destination Wedding Leads: Creating Your Bride Bribe

If you missed my last two blog posts, you’ll want to check them out as I shared some foundational information you will need before you take the next step to get more destination wedding leads. 👇

Once you know who your ideal bride is and you start creating content that is helpful to her and speaks to her, you need a way to start reeling her closer to you. This is called a bride bribe.

Let’s be honest, it is great to get likes and comments on a social media post or video, but without a way to get that bride’s contact info, it is really just an ego boost and that won’t help you create a life by design.

So, let’s talk about what you are offering your bride to get her to willingly give you her good email address.

Also known as a lead magnet, a bride bribe needs to offer some type of solution to remove at least one of her frustrations or stumbling blocks that is stopping her from moving forward with her destination wedding.

Bride Bribe ideas that will get your ideal bride’s attention should:

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Hack #3: Bride Bribe (Lead Magnet)

When your bride bribe is carefully curated to speak to her pain, alleviate her frustration, solve her problem or give her peace and hope, you have created an atmosphere of trust and this gets her excited to hear from you again, or possibly will have her ready take the next step in your process.

What do you mean by “next step in my process”, Tami?  You’ll have to stay tuned for next week’s blog for that juicy info, or if you can’t wait and need a sneak peek… 👇


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