What Every Destination Wedding Planner Needs to Get Found Online: Instagram

What Every Destination Wedding Planner Needs to Get Found Online: Instagram

As a wedding and travel professional, business will never be the same as usual. We have to be on point to attract today’s modern bride, but first we need to be found!

I’d like to kick off a new series by chatting about our social media presence as a way to get our wedding business found online. I see a lot of wedding and travel pros struggle in this area, so I wanted to give a few tips to ensure you are maximizing the power of social media.

Did you know that Instagram is one of the top platforms your ideal bride uses to find what she is looking for?

In order to get found, not only do you need to be posting regularly (I would suggest at least 4 times per week), but you have to share content you know she is looking for.

For Instagram, here are a few tips:

1. Make sure that your bio is clear on who you work with and how you help them.

For example: “My specialty is helping busy couples plan their dream wedding away! 🌴”

2. Your title in your bio is searchable!

I recommend Destination Wedding Planner, Destination Wedding Specialist or Destination Wedding Expert.

3. You will want to have a link for them to take another step with you.

Like a free irresistible offer (or bride bribe). This will be something they opt-in for where they need to give you their name and email.

4. Clean up your feed

Specifically, the first nine images are important. If you have random posts that don’t have anything to do with your business, archive them or start posting new branded images. Make sure the images match/reflect your bio so that your bride knows she is in the right place.

5. Use hashtags in your posts.

6. Use compelling graphics and images that will get her to stop the scroll.

We’ve all done it, we are aimlessly scrolling on the ‘gram until something catches our eye. Your bride is no different, so your graphics are important!

Speaking of scroll-stopping images, you may want to check out my Social Media Bride Machine.

I hope this article was helpful to you in sprucing up your Instagram game so you can start attracting your ideal bride. Remember, you don’t need thousands of brides! You just need 5-10 quality brides per year to make a six-figure income! 👍

I’d love to invite you to a free masterclass I’m hosting where you can learn a few more of my trade secrets to having a successful and thriving destination wedding biz! You in? Register below! 👇

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