7 Email Marketing Tips for Romance Travel Agents

email marketing romance travel agents

Have you heard these statements?

Email is dead!

No one is opening emails anymore!

Email doesn’t work!

The truth is people open emails that they are excited to open! Period!

So, how do we get our wedding travel leads to open our emails and engage with us?

Well, in today’s post, I’m going to share romance travel agency email examples and tips so that your potential clients reach out to for their destination wedding, honeymoon, or other romance travel.

Are you ready? 😉

Tip #1

You likely know this already but never use your GMail or other personal email for your business! It is unprofessional and against the law! It violates the Can-Spam laws. 

Even if your email address is luxuryweddingtrips@gmail.com, this is looked at as a personal email address because of the @gmail.com.

Tip #2

Always use an @yourdomain for your email address, like suzyq@luxuryweddingtrips.com. The easiest way to set up your email with your company name is through the service that hosts your web domain.

Let’s talk about capturing emails. First, I want to point out that it is critical that you have a way to get your prospect to become a lead by giving you their name and email.

Tip #3

In our 20K Destination Wedding course, we talk about creating a lead magnet or we like to call it a bride bribe. This is a juicy piece of high-value information that your ideal wedding or honeymoon client would gladly give their name and email address to receive.

Tip #4

There are two email platforms we highly recommend setting up your romance travel agency email sequence: Mailer Lite or Convert Kit.

Tip #5

On your website, you will need an opt-in page and an opt-in box that you can send wedding couples to so they can give you their name and email.

Right after they opt into your bride bribe or lead magnet, Email 1 is going to be the email that delivers their content they opted in for. Like,

“Congratulations and thanks for signing up to receive name of free report/guide! You can access it here insert link to the freebie!

name and title.”

An unfortunate part of the email game is the double opt-in. I’m sure you’ve had this happen where you sign up for something and then you get an email asking you to confirm that you want what you signed up for.

I’m not a fan of double opt-in settings and in fact, research shows that it does not increase your open rates. It is one more hoop your potential client must jump through to get your emails and it is sort of annoying!

So, I recommend you disable your double opt-in if you use this email template for your travel agency free offer.

Tip #6

At the end of Email 1 that delivers your free report, you can add a statement that says, “Hey, could you do me a favor and hit reply with a “Got it!” if you received this email okay just to make sure there weren’t any tech glitches?”

This is as good as a double opt-in and shows the email servers that your wedding leads want your emails.

Tip #7

Once they reply with the “Got it!”, be sure to respond with a quick thanks as it solidifies to the email servers that your emails are wanted and future emails should show up in their inbox, not their spam folder. Hooray!

Two days later, send an email to your wedding leads telling them you hope they found your free report helpful and ask if they had any additional questions about the topic. If they do, just hit reply and let you know how you can help.  Also, share that if you come across other high value destination wedding information that you think would be helpful to them planning their destination wedding, you will send it to them once a week and never bombard their inbox! 

romance travel agent working on email marketing

Bonus Tip: Choose a day and time to send out a weekly email. Try to use the same time and day every week.

The goal of your email is to reinforce you as the expert and always stay in front of them so that when they are ready to decide, you will be front and center in their minds.

You want them to be happy to see your email in their inbox, so send valuable content, be personal at times, and let them get to know you and your personality.

If you found this email hack for romance travel agencies helpful, check out my complimentary video for 5 tips to increase your destination wedding leads! 👇

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