Did I Tell You About The Time That I…

Did I Tell You About The Time That I…

If you’ve been following my Facebook Live episodes and recent blog posts, I’ve been giving you hacks to increase your destination wedding leads. More than that, I’m showing you the exact formula Lou and I used to grow our business and consistently have a flood of quality leads year after year.

Lou and I are passionate about helping you achieve a life by design with your business and that requires consistent strategy which results in consistent results. Not a feast or famine business; an “I got lucky”; or one year you’re getting awards, the next year no one knows you exist.

Nope, not you. You’re a serious entrepreneur looking to build a successful business that will increase annually!

So, did I tell you about the time that I…

Alright, so I really don’t have a story to share (this time), I wanted to use that subject line/headline to get your attention so that I could share valuable information with you that will help you. 😹

This is what your nurture sequence must do. Provide help. Show that you care. Help your ideal bride to get to know you. And, your headline/subject line needs to grab her attention.

Last week we talked about creating a bride bribe. Once you have her name and email, now you can begin to nurture your relationship with your IDB (ideal bride) to further help her know, like and trust you!

Hack #3: Creating Your Bride Bribe

Essentially, this is a series of emails that you’ll set up in a campaign that will automatically be sent to her after she opts-in for your freebie. You can easily do this with most email marketing platforms like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Remember, from the moment she steps foot in a bridal show, or registers with the Knot/ Wedding Wire, she is getting ads and companies trying to sell her their services.  This is not what your IDB wants.

She wants to make decisions on her terms. No pressure. No hard sell.

You can get her attention by being different from all the other wedding vendors by nurturing your relationship.

A Good Nurture Sequence Should Do The Following:

So, because you know what your IDB wants and needs to help her with her destination wedding, you can begin to send her more helpful content, like emails, videos, social media posts, etc.. You want to be seen as a helpful advocate, not someone just trying to get in her wallet. 

You got this! 💪

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Hack #4: Nurture Your Relationship

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