7 Essential Elements Every Destination Wedding Quote Must Have

7 Essential Elements Every Destination Wedding Quote Must Have

Six years ago, I was part of a new start-up church. There was a need for a worship team and I volunteered. I told the Pastor that I liked harmonizing, but I wasn’t a lead singer/main vocalist. Well, I was the worship team! I sang to a track and had to lead the church in worship solo for two years! 😱

As destination wedding planners we need to be in tune with what our clients need and how we lead them, as well as bring harmony to the process of planning a destination wedding.

One of the big reasons why couples hire a destination wedding planner is because they simply don’t know where to start and the first piece of the puzzle is deciding where to go for their destination wedding.

In my destination wedding planner course, 20K System and Toolkit, I teach my planners the consultation process and the important questions to ask during the consultation. The answers will help prepare you in creating a quote that will help your client quickly and easily make a decision for where to go to celebrate their wedding.

Simplifying the overload of information is a key to not only helping your client but also to creating one more trust touch point in your relationship with them. This gives them a foundation of listening to your advice during the entire process of working together. It’s a beautiful harmony that makes planning a destination wedding easy! ✨

So, here are the 7 essential elements you need to have in your destination wedding quotes...

1. An introduction

This should give a brief summary of why you chose this resort for them and be sure to point out at least one major way that it fits what they are looking for.

2. Share visual examples of the finished result

This can be videos or photo albums of real weddings that you may find on a photographer’s blog. I don’t recommend sharing photos of real weddings from another destination wedding planner’s website.

3. Highlights of the resort!

Since this is a vacation, you will want to share what makes the resort a great fit for the vacation experience and atmosphere they are looking for.

4. Approximate prices for the per person per night cost based on double occupancy

To find this, do a price search for two adults for the approximate dates. I do not get group quotes until we have narrowed down the search to two resort options.

5. Benefits

Benefits/earnings for hosting the group with the resort and how that will free up their budget for what is important to them.

6. Wedding packages options

Wedding packages options and your recommendation for which package best fits them and the per person cost for additional guests if needed.

7. Wedding extras

Wedding extras with a focus on options you know are important to them…dance floor, bistro lighting, DJ, photographer, videographer, etc.

It all begins during the consultation process. It is imperative that you have gathered enough information to really understand what they want so you can find the option that best fits that.

Tip: once you create the highlights, keep this as a template for when you recommend this resort again in the future.


We discussed these 7 elements in depth on our Facebook Live this past week. If you’d like to be notified when we go live, you can sign up here. 👇

At the time of writing this blog post, we are several weeks into the lock down. I want to encourage you that the travel industry always bounces back. While we don’t know exactly what that will look like and the timing of it, we can trust that our services will be needed. To prepare for that, I recommend that you check out my free training as it is five foundational things you need to have in your destination wedding business to attract quality leads in any economic climate. 👇

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