How to Use the “Dating” Content Strategy to Get a Consistent Flow of Booked Destination Weddings & Honeymoons!

dating content strategy

Every wedding couple is in a different phase of the booking cycle. The best way to create a consistent flow of destination wedding & honeymoon bookings is to “date” them from the “You lookin’ at me?” stage, all the way to “I do!” Hiring you to book their destination wedding or honeymoon.

Dating Content Strategy

dating content strategy

At this stage of a relationship, a wedding couple is just getting started or right at the beginning of their research and is looking for more general destination wedding & honeymoon content.

Top of the Funnel: “You Had Me at Hello!”

Wedding couples are searching Google, social media, going to wedding events, etc. looking for information & resources to help them plan their destination wedding or honeymoon.

As they are searching, they will come across your information or resources and become aware of your business. This is like the initial attraction to someone you see for the first time, and they catch your attention. But these couples aren’t ready to say, “I Do!” to your business yet. They need to investigate the information they find to see if it is as good as it really looks! 

dating content strategy

These wedding couples would be considered at the top of your booking funnel. The goal of the content here is to attract wedding couples to give you that first glance and want to know more about your business or services. Just like meeting someone you are attracted first attracted to, you may have a casual talk, or share a drink with each other as you just get started to know one another. 

Best Types of Content for These Couples:

  1. Blog Posts
  2. Social media Posts
  3. Infographics
  4. Digital Brochures
  5. Ebooks
  6. Podcasts
  7. Videos

Middle of the Funnel: “Yes, We’re Dating!”

dating content strategy

The next type of couple is the couple who is aware of your business and who are now engaging with your content. This is where wedding couples are going to start to evaluate whether they are going to use your business to help them with their destination wedding or honeymoon. This is where wedding couples feel confident enough to start opting into your lead magnet or opt-in for some of your other free or low-cost services. This is like the phase where you are now going on a date or maybe a few dates with each other as you continue to get to know each other. This is the middle of your funnel. The goal of this type of content is to get couples to interact with our content to hopefully get a bigger commitment from them as they move forward.

Best Types of Content for These Couples:

  1. Lead Magnet (Free Reports)
  2. Surveys
  3. Quiz
  4. Free Download
  5. Some type of event (Caribbean Night)
  6. Consultations

Bottom of the Funnel: “Let’s Go Steady!”

At this phase of your relationship your wedding couples, are now deciding whether to use you to book their wedding or honeymoon or go in another direction. This is the stage in dating where you have had a few dates with each other, gotten to know one another, and now deciding if you want to commit fully to now changing your social status to “In a relationship.”

dating content strategy

The goal of your content here is to push your wedding couples over the hump to hire you by convincing them that you are the BEST answer for their destination wedding or honeymoon. Your content at this stage should overcome objections, and demonstrate how your expertise will benefit them.

Best Types of Content for These Couples:

  1. Demo/Free Trial
  2. Customer Testimonies
  3. Special Events such as a Caribbean Night, or Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Webinar

A Continuous Flow of Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Bookings

One thing I always do, after meeting with a couple for their destination wedding or honeymoon, is to send them to my testimony page along with my list of services. Both of these helps move my couples from the middle of my booking funnel, (consultation) to converting them as new client by showing them how my list of services will help them have the wedding they are dreaming of, then I reinforce it by showing them my reviews. These methods have allowed me to have a conversion rate of around 95%. 

When you use a “dating” strategy like this with your content, you will consistently attract, engage, and book new destination weddings & honeymoons year after year.

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