Does Your Customer Process Build Trust Or Scream “Sketchy”?

Does Your Customer Process Build Trust Or Scream “Sketchy”?

We recently celebrated my daughter’s 26th birthday and she wanted me to get her a cheesecake from a local baker here in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area.

Evidently, she discovered it at a bridal shower she attended and determined that it was “life-changing”. So, she sent me the app so I could order the cookies and cream cheesecake. Yum! 🍰

Okay, so I opened up the app and proceeded to add it to my cart and then noticed that there was a $32 delivery fee automatically added to the order. I wasn’t about to pay $32 for a cheesecake and then $32 for delivery, so I searched for contact info.

Once I found the contact info (which wasn’t easy to find on the app), I noticed that the company stated it was located in London, England and that their website was This made me a bit nervous, so I called the number listed (thankfully it was a local number).

On the phone call, I stated my concern about the delivery fee, the location of the bakery and the website that was listed on the app and made sure he knew that I was not confident in his business due to these discrepancies. He said that the location and website were from the original template he used… Okay, so why didn’t he change it???? 🤦‍♀

I was not offered the opportunity to order over the phone but directed back to the app and promised that I’ll have an option to select pick up or delivery, and that the delivery price would ultimately be based on my zip code.

I went back to the app to continue ordering and selected the option to pick up so that I could avoid an extreme delivery cost just in case it didn’t work the way he said. I wanted to select a date by which I needed the cheesecake, but I was only given the option to get it ASAP. What does ASAP mean in bakery world?  It was a Wednesday and we weren’t celebrating until Sunday. 🤦‍♀🤦‍♀

Well, I had to trust that this would all work out and I was given a pickup date of Friday at 6:01 PM.

I received a receipt but no instructions on picking up the order. No address, no business hours, nothing. I then had to email the owner to ask where I pick it up at.  🤦‍♀🤦‍♀🤦‍♀

I think you get the picture of what I’m getting at. If I wasn’t referred to this company and it wasn’t a special request from my daughter, I would have peaced out as soon as I saw the $32 delivery charge, or at least after the phone call when he should have taken my order over the phone.

When we put our processes together, we have to make sure we are creating an experience that is easy and basically answers any questions along the way. It is advised that you go through your processes the same way your customer would to make sure you aren’t missing information that would be helpful.

Think about it like this… When a wedding guest wants to attend the wedding, what do they need to know? Date of the wedding, dates of travel, location, arrival airport code, room choices and prices, inclusions in the rate or package, deposit details, insurance price and coverage, cancel policy, final payment date, reservation deadline, how to book, who and how to reach out with any questions and direction on next steps.

Without details, we get nervous and aren’t confident or comfortable moving forward and making a decision. We have to make the process for our potential client easy by having everything they need at their fingertips and easy to follow steps to reserve their room with the group or work with us to plan their trip.

Take some time to think about how you can make working with you simple and smooth. 👍

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