7 Tips to Create the Ultimate Bride Bribe

7 Tips to Create the Ultimate Bride Bribe

If you’ve ever set out on a road trip, you first knew your end destination so that you could map out the directions to get there.

Your business is the same way and when it comes to creating a bride bribe/lead magnet for your wedding and travel business, the same process applies. Let’s see how it all breaks down working our way backwards assuming that our end destination is getting a lead…

What do we need to do to get a lead? Create a lead magnet. What does the lead magnet need to do? Compel our bride to give her name and email to get it. What does our ideal bride want? To get out of her struggle. How do we know what she is struggling with?  Spend time getting to know our ideal bride.

You get the picture. Now, let’s dig in.

First, let’s talk about some tips that will help you decide on a bride bribe topic so that you can start attracting your ideal bride.

Tip #1

Who is your ideal bride? If you need a refresher or two on discovering this, take the time to get clear on this. I cannot emphasize that enough.

To help, I have a couple of articles you might want to read up on How to Attract Clients and Get Quality Leads for Your Wedding & Travel Business and Where Do I Find My Wedding Clients?

Tip #2

She wants a quick win. So, ask yourself, “What is her biggest challenge?” “What is stopping her from moving forward?”

Tip #3

Once you discover these things, use this information to create something that you know she will be drooling over to get because it will stop the pain, she is in.

Now that you have those things in place, let’s talk about the title of your free opt-in. We want to be specific, concise, and compelling without being overwhelming.

Tip #4

Titles that have numbers like 3, 5, and 7 tend to be appealing because they are not overwhelming.

Tip #5

Use words that will relate to your ideal bride’s vision or personality. Words like: Posh, Luxurious, Extravagant, Lavish, Tailored, Exclusive, Modern, Stylish, Distinguished, Enchanting, Quality, etc.

Tip #6

Whatever you offer, it must sound easy and not time consuming. Your bride doesn’t want work, she wants the work done for her, so what you offer her must appeal to something being handed to her to make her life easier and get her one step closer to her goal of planning a destination wedding.

Tip #7

The biggest thing in creating a lead magnet is making sure that it matches your message of who you are and what you do. For example, if you specialize in luxury Catholic destination weddings in Mexico, and your ideal bride is struggling with having the time to plan her wedding away, then your free offer should be related to that, not something generic like “3 Tips to Plan your Destination Wedding.”

You want your bride bribe to attract your ideal bride who is short on time. In this example, a better option would be something like “3 Quick Tips to Plan your Luxurious Catholic Destination Wedding in Mexico.”

Bonus Tip

Don’t let perfection stop you from getting something out there. Let’s say you create a lead magnet, and no one bites. No biggie. Before abandoning the ship, maybe tweak the title or graphic image you are using. Make sure you’ve shared your bride bribe in a variety of ways, it can’t just be put on your website without you promoting it in your blog and social media.

If it still doesn’t get you any leads, use the content from your bride bribe and copy-paste it into a blog post. Then use the blog post content to help create social media posts leading people to the blog. It’s not a waste, you will just re-purpose your bride bribe content.

If you have to start over, go back to the strategy above of working your way backward to determine who your ideal bride is and what her biggest struggle is, so that you can provide a solution she will be excited to opt into! 👍

Looking for more strategies you can implement in your biz to attract your ideal bride and get this party started? Check out this free resource! 👇

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