6 Types Of Content That Get Engagement On Social Media

6 Types Of Content That Get Engagement On Social Media

We’ve all been there; pouring so much thought, time, and vulnerability into creating a post on social media, and you get crickets chirping… Only the faithful few giving the loves or possibly even commenting (that’s always a big win), and you feel deflated. ☹️

It is hard to keep going strong with a positive attitude on the ‘gram when this happens. It feels like the algorithm is getting more and more challenging to crack the code. Much like how Facebook used to organically get seen and now you have to pay for things to really make any progress.

Until you have engagement on a post and your lead magnet is organically getting opt-ins, Lou and I don’t recommend paying for any ads or promoting any posts. With that in mind, let’s get you some engagement so you can share your gifts with your client who is looking for you and needs your help! 😉

There are 6 types of content that get engagement and it is good to cycle through these as you create your social media content strategy for your wedding and travel business.

1. Something that Entertains

For example, one time I shared a story about how a man from Greece (who happened to look homeless) randomly proposed to me while I was on an excursion in Los Cabos.

2. Something that gives a “How To”

For example, “How To Pack Light”. I have packing down to a science and I used to take way too much on my trips.

3. Something that Inspires

I always tell my story of how I was struggling to get leads and working so hard on my business but not making progress, and how planning destination weddings changed my business and my life.

4. Something that Motivates

When I was in Bora Bora, I went on an excursion where we swam with sting rays and sharks in the wild. It was really exhilarating to overcome my fear and jump into that water to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.

5. Something that Educates

This is a perfect post to share helpful tips to your ideal client. Like “Hidden Gems For Your Jamaican Honeymoon” or “3 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Destination Wedding”.

6. Something that is Controversial

When I went to Aruba for a destination wedding FAM, it was Halloween and so one of the resort’s put together a Halloween-themed wedding with spider webs, black and blood red flowers, and Frankenstein and his bride walked down the aisle. I could share this and ask, “Would you do this?” Or maybe share a pic of couple sky-diving or doing a trash-the-dress session and ask your followers if they would dare do it.

Instagram wants us to share content that gets lengthy comments/replies and inspires conversation. Why? Because conversation keeps people on their platform. So, always make sure you are asking something that will spark a chat. 💭

One last helpful hint when it comes to cracking the Instagram code…

Before you post ask yourself: Is this something that people would want to share? Will this give value to someone who doesn’t know me? 🤔

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