9 Terms You Need To Know to Have Success on Clubhouse

clubhouse terms

If you’ve had a chance to read my last post on Clubhouse, the hottest app of 2021, then you know that if you have an apple iPhone or iPad, you should be downloading the Clubhouse app and getting into the club!

Clubhouse is Exploding!

The app has already gone from 1 million to around 5 million people in the last month!  So the opportunities for you to get in front of your brides is only going to grow as the app grows. 

Getting on Clubhouse

If you aren’t sure how to join Clubhouse, then click here to read my step by step instructions on how to get on Clubhouse.  

You’re on Clubhouse, Now What?

If you’re already part of the Club, then you will need to know the “Clubhouse Lingo” to have the best chance of using Clubhouse to build your wedding business. 

The Lingo You Need to Know to Successfully Navigate Clubhouse!  

A Room would be an area where other Clubhouse members hang out and discuss a particular topic!  Anyone can start a room, and you can make a room “Open” to everyone, “Social”, open to your followers, or “Closed”, which is only open to who you specifically invite.

A Club is a room that can be followed. Rooms can only be joined, not followed.  A club is identified by the little green house next to the title.  So the next time you are in a room, and you really like the topic and the speakers, then check to see if there is a green house by the name of the room.  If so, you can touch the green house and follow the “Club” to be notified whenever the “Club” is scheduled or active. 

When you first enter a room, you are considered in the Audience of that room. As an audience member, you can listen to the speakers on stage or raise your hand to either ask a question or give your input on the topic of the room.

How to use Clubhouse to Build your wedding business

The person who starts the room is also considered the (Host) & will be the main speaker of that room.  The host can make anyone a moderator.

A Moderator is a speaker who also has the control to allow people up on stage, or send them back to the audience.  Hosts and moderators are identified by the green star next to their names!

When in a room, you can invite other people to join you in the room. It’s called pinging. This is done by hitting the “+” sign at the bottom right of your screen.

You can raise your hand to let the moderators know that you have something to ask or share. The moderators usually look over your profile and then either bring you up on stage or leave you in the audience. You can only speak when you are “On Stage”.  If you raise your hand and get “On Stage”, your mic will be live, so you’ll want to mute your mic immediately. The moderator will let you know when to un-mute your mic. 

You can also “leave quietly” to leave a room without causing any disruption in the group, which is always nice!

When you are in a room, you can look at other people’s profiles to see if you want to follow them. Sometimes they will follow you back, sometimes they won’t, but you will want to follow people you would like to either connect with or be notified when they are speaking in a room.  

Club House Followers

Pro Tip

  • The best way to get followers is to raise your hand and get on stage.
  • Always be respectful of the conversation. Don’t just raise you hand unless you have something meaningful to add or a question that pertains to the topic.
  • Raising your hand just to get attention can get you reported and get you kicked out of Clubhouse! 

So that is all for now! Use this post, as a guide, to easily navigate and have success on Clubhouse building your wedding business!  

Be on the lookout for my next post where I am going to be giving you 10 ways that you can use Clubhouse to grow your wedding business!  

P.S. Follow me on Clubhouse @tamisantini, and let’s get in a room and talk everything building your wedding business!

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