The #1 Best Strategy to Get Hired by Destination Wedding Couples

best strategy to get hired

As a destination wedding travel advisor who is diligently working to grow their travel business, the last thing you want to happen is to lose a potential sale, especially a destination wedding group.

Let’s assume your efforts to get a destination wedding lead have paid off. The moment has arrived, and you are consulting with your potential wedding couple. Yay!

Do you know the number one strategy you should do to “seal the deal” and get hired by the destination wedding couple?

Best Strategy to Get Hired

It’s a simple word – “Always”.  I know this may sound a bit trivial, but when you start chatting with this couple and you use the word “always”, you are showing them that you are an expert and that you are trustworthy.

Think about it. If you were talking to your financial advisor and he or she started telling you what they always do with their investments, you would be all ears.

If your friend who never seems to worry about weight gain shares what she “always” does daily to stay healthy, you’d be taking notes!

The same is true when you are consulting with your potential travel clients. You’ll want to drop a few statements that help them know you are the expert, but also be helpful.

For example, I always say in my consultations, “I always recommend that your guests arrive at least two days prior to the wedding.” I then share my reasons for that.

Another great one is, “Something you always need to remember is to give your guests enough time to plan and prepare.”

Or even asking a question with the word “always”, for example, “I always love it when I’m sitting at the beach and a waiter asks what I’d like to drink. Is that the type of service you’re looking for?”

Practice adding a few statements or questions in your consultation with the word “always.”

Wrap Up

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