We just hosted several free masterclasses on how to build a successful and thriving destination wedding business. The most frequently asked question was how to get leads. 🤔

I remember when I first started my business. I was struggling to get leads, so I sought help from experts. I started placing ads in magazines and different publications or sponsorship opportunities that I thought would bring in some clients.

I was super excited because the ads were so beautiful and really professional looking. Even though the ads looked good, they didn’t get me business because they weren’t compelling. The message or the offer wasn’t really helpful to my ideal client. This resulted in crickets chirping. Ever been there?

Until I got this one attraction strategy right, I would keep getting the same results, wasting my money on what I thought would work and likely would have given up on my business. That’s why I’m sharing the strategy to attract your ideal client.

In order to get leads for your wedding and travel business, one piece of the puzzle is to create a bride bribe/lead magnet/juicy carrot. This is a piece of content that is so good and compelling that your ideal client sees it as something they need because it is helping them.

Here are 4 ways to make your bride bribe irresistible so the leads start pouring in:

  • Your bride bribe should give something valuable your ideal bride can use: tips, guides, hacks, secrets, downloadable tools etc.
  • Your bride bribe should help solve a problem. For example, our bride bribe was “4 Insider Secrets to Discover the Perfect Location for your Destination Wedding or Honeymoon Without Stress or Overwhelm”. Our offer is helping our ideal bride get out of the stress of planning her wedding or honeymoon.
  • Your bride bribe should help her achieve a goal. What is your ideal bride trying to accomplish? Planning her wedding? What does she need in order to do that and what is getting in her way of accomplishing that goal?
  • Your bride bribe should help them know what they don’t know! This can be some mistakes to avoid that you’ve seen other couples make or pitfalls that can result in a bad experience etc.

Of course, the ultimate goal of your bride bribe is to have that bride realize that you are the solution. So, make sure you offer her the opportunity to connect for a free consultation. No hard sell. Just a simple invitation to take the next step in the planning process. 👍

By the way, I have good news! I have a Bride Bribe Cheat Sheet that includes a template so you can quickly create your bride bribe! You can check it out here! 👇

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