How to Attract Clients and Get Quality Leads for Your Wedding & Travel Business

How to Attract Clients and Get Quality Leads for Your Wedding & Travel Business

If you are looking to improve your home-based wedding & travel business on a tight budget, I want to share a marketing tip to promote your business and it has to do with who you are and who you are meant to serve.

As a destination wedding specialist, it took a while for me to figure out who I was meant to help. Choosing your ideal bride is a journey in your business. Like all journeys, we need to determine our destination before we can start.

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Recently Lou and I were coming home from Ohio and we made a wrong turn. Since we kept moving, our GPS came up with a new route and we simply had to follow the new route.

The key in business is when we plug our end destination coordinates in our GPS, if we accidentally take a wrong turn, as long as we keep moving, a new route will be given

Let’s think about this from a perspective we all understand – dating. Why do we date? Well if our end goal is to get married, then we are dating to find our potential spouse. But just because we date someone doesn’t mean we will marry them. The more and more you hang out with someone the more you get to know them and understand who they really are and what makes them tick and determine if they are a good match for you.

Before we can find a soulmate, we have to work on ourselves. We have to make ourselves the best version of who we can be so that we can attract the right person. We have to take inventory of our strengths and ownership of our talents.

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In my journey as a destination wedding planner, I first started out with allowing people to call me anytime; take hours of my time, get them quotes, thinking that they were going to book with me only to find out they took my information and ran. It was stressful! 😩

I had to make a decision to invest in myself to be coached up so that I not only attracted the right person but got paid what I was worth. But I didn’t realize my value until I had a coach take me on my own journey to discover my strengths and recognize them so that I developed confidence in who I was and what I had to offer.

After working with clients who didn’t value me or trust my opinion, I knew that in order to avoid that in the future I needed to first value myself, second charge a planning fee and third change how I did business. I had to weed out people before they even came to me and that is what we teach in our 20K system. We teach how to get leads that are pre-sold to hire you and you do that by first deciding on who your ideal client is.

We have to take assessment of who we are and who we mesh well with. What are your strengths and what do you enjoy the most about being a wedding and travel planner? If you’re new to the biz, what do you like to do?

Once you know your strengths, you’ll know who you are to help as well and who you will clash with personality-wise. For example, if you are ultra-organized and that comes naturally and brings you joy, then your ideal client is someone who is unorganized and scattered. If you are good at taking a vague vision and bringing it to life, then your ideal client is someone who is struggling to decide on what they want or can’t articulate their dream. If you are a leader and good at giving direction, then you will clash with someone who doesn’t want to relinquish control. Make sense? 😉

I recommend you take some time to recognize who you are and what you enjoy doing, what comes natural to you. Then, value that gift! Next, craft your marketing message to attract those brides that you know you can help because you have the talent and gift that they need. Brides need you! You simply need to determine which brides need you! 😊

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